With today’s society searching for new and different ways to remember those
who passed on people are coming up with new ways to memorialize the dead.

One of those ways is with
Memorial Bricks. At a local Veterans Memorial Park
in Ohio, where they perform 24 hour vigils every Memorial Day, they are selling
bricks to line the pathway to the helicopter in the center of the park. All of the
sales generated go into the maintenance of the park and provide a unique way for
families to honor their fallen heroes or others who are gone.
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Roadside Memorials
Many time when a person is killed in a motor vehicle accident, a roadside
memorial is erected at the site of the crash. Most often this is a white cross with
decoration added.
Memorial Gardens
It is becoming increasingly popular to create a memorial garden to keep that lost
loved in your thoughts. These may contain trees, and memorial stones, with the  
deceased information "etched in stone". Others include benches and bird bathes. It
is important to plant flowers that help remind you of your loved one or ones that
were their favorites.
Wedding Memorials
Another growing trend is to create a wedding memorial, if you have a parent or
other family member(s) who have passed on.

Remembrance Wedding Ideas:

Reserved Seats:
Create an empty chair to represent the missing family member

Memorial Table: Much like the chair, create a table with photos and keepsakes
from the family members who have passed on.

Add to Wedding Program: Add the name of deceased family members, to show
that they are just important even if they are not there.

Add to Bouquet: Have photos of your lost loved ones added to your bouquet or
pinned to your lapel.

Memorial Vase: Have a vase engraved with the names of the missing family
members, and include their favorite flowers or other symbolic floral choices.

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Final Words
Beautiful in
In this lovely
arrangement, the
serenity of blue,
along with the
purity of intention
symbolized by
white, will let the
family know you
are sending your
calm strength to
them during these
difficult times.
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