Funerary Urns
An Urn is simply any vessel for holding and preserving  the remains of a cremated
body. While most people think of urns as the ceramic vase-like receptacles that
have sat on mantles of the loved ones. Urns have evolved with the worldwide
movement away from earth burial.

Urns today are made of metal, glass, stone, wood, and even polymers, and
plastics. They come in every imaginable shape and size, some even more
diminutive for splitting and sharing of remains among numerous family members.
They have even created urns that are shaped like superheroes with the deceased
face super-imposed.

With the growing concern of greenhouse gases and carbon footprints in mind,  a
plastic urn has been developed that is now “green certified” by the GBC.

While urns dates back to ancient Rome and Greece, the evolution will only be
limited by one's imagination and desire.
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There are many companies that manufacture urns,
History of Urns
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There are many companies that manufacture urns,
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Beautiful in
In this lovely
arrangement, the
serenity of blue,
along with the
purity of intention
symbolized by
white, will let the
family know you
are sending your
calm strength to
them during these
difficult times.
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