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Memorial Gifts
The traditions and ceremonies associated with death are meant to help those left
behind, undergoing the grieving process. A thoughtful memorial gift can offer
sympathy and support as they work through this difficult time.

When you're selecting a memorial gift you have to keep in mind the person you're
getting it for.
You'll want to ask yourself:
Who have they lost?
How close were they to the deceased?
How old are they?
How will the loss affect their everyday life?

After you've considered these aspects you'll be able to select a gift that best
addresses the needs and feelings of the bereaved, while also expressing your
sentiments. For example, you'll pick a different memorial gift for someone who has
lost a parent, spouse or child than someone who has lost a distant acquaintance.
You'll also have to consider the age bracket of the bereaved because some of the
gifts available for adults won't be appropriate for a child.

Types of Gifts
You can select from a number of different items when you're looking for a
memorial gift. There are a lot of different traditional routes you can follow, such as:
Flowers: different kinds of flowers have certain meanings, and you can choose the
appropriate representation.

Rosemary: this evergreen symbolizes remembrance
Angels: religious or secular, angels symbolize love, security and the resilience of the

Depending on the person you're buying for, these traditional options may not
convey the message you would like. You might instead opt for a personalized or
homemade memorial gift. You may also select a practical gift that will help the
bereaved get through the first few weeks or months following a loss; or perhaps a
unique or unusual memorial gift that will help lift their spirits or remind them of the

The Perfect Gift
When the traditional or predictable just won't do, here are some ideas for unique
memorial gifts:

Personalized Stepping Stones: These creative pieces of art can be put in a
garden or kept on a mantle or shelf. They come engraved with poetry or
supportive phrases, and can be personalized with names, monograms or dates. If
the deceased has been cremated or the bereaved is far away from the burial place,
a stepping stone can fashion as a place of memorial where they can go to simply
remember. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Memorial Rocks: Similar to personalized stepping stones, memorial rocks can be
kept either outdoors or inside. You can buy faux rocks or you can use real rocks.
A plaque is attached to the rock, which can offer words of support or be
personalized with names, monograms or dates. The size of the rock is variable.

Sun Catchers: Sun catchers in the shape of angels, stars, clouds or letters are a
delicate expression of sympathy. They're meaningful because they hang in the
window to catch the sunlight and send beautiful colors around the room. They're
symbolic of hope and the possibility of a brighter day.

Family History Plaques: For someone who has lost an important family
member, a family history plaque can be a great memorial gift. It's easy to go online
and have family trees, surname history or family histories compiled. They can be
presented in formal frames or scrapbooks, and are a thoughtful memorial gift that
can offer the bereaved a chance to reconnect with family.
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