Flowers and their Meanings
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While any flower can be used for a funeral tribute; there are certain flowers that
are more popular and commonly used in funerary arrangements. White is the most
popular color, as it denotes truth, honesty, and purity, and lends itself to be
sprayed many other colors that may be desired. Below are listed some of the most
popular flowers and their meaning, so you may truly 'say it with flowers' .

" Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into" ~ Henry
Ward Beecher
Aloe ~ Wisdom
Alstroemeria ~ Apsiring
Amenome   ~ Fragile
Aster          ~ Contentment
Begonia     ~ Deep Thought
Black Eyed Susan ~ Encouragement
Coreopsis ~ Cheerfulness
Cosmos    ~  Peaceful
Crocus     ~ Foresight
Daffodil   ~ Chivalry
Delphinium ~ Boldness
Daisy      ~   Innocence
Freesia    ~ Spirited
Forget Me Not ~Remember forever
Geranium ~  Comfort
Gladiolus ~ Strength of Character
Heather ~ Solitutude
Hibiscus ~ Delicate Beauty
Honeysuckle ~ Sweet Disposition
Hyacinth ~ Sincerity
Hydrangea ~ Perserverance
Iris ~ Inspiration
Jasmine ~ Grace  & Elegance
Larkspur ~ Beautiful Spirit
Lilac ~ First Love/ Innocence
Lily of the Valley ~ Love & Peace
Lisianthus ~ Calming
Nasturtium ~ Patriotism
Orchids ~ Elegance & Feminity
Pansy  ~ Loving Thoughts
Peony ~  Healing
Poppy ~ Consolation
Cyclamen ~ Resignation & Farewell
Star of Bethehem ~ Hope
Sunflower ~ Adoration
Sweet Pea ~ Shyness
Violet ~ Faithfulness
Yarrow ~ Good Health
Zinnia ~ Thoughts of Friends
Carnations  ~ By Color
Pink ~ Gratitude/ Never Forget
Red ~Flashy/Declaration of Love
Striped~Refusal/Can't be without  
White ~ Rememberance  
Yellow ~ Cheerful/ Make me Smile

Chrysanthemum ~ By Color
White ~ Truth
Red ~ Sharing
Yellow ~ Secret Admirer
Bronze ~ Excitement
Purple ~ Faithfulness

Lillies ~  By Color/ Type
Calla ~ Regal/ Modesty
Day Lily ~ Enthusiam
Stargazer ~ Ambition
Oriental ~

Roses ~ By Color
Red ~ Love
Yellow ~ Rememberance & Friendship
White ~ Purity & Loyalty
Pink ~ Feminity & Elegance

Tulips ~ By Color
Over all ~ Signify Caring
Pink ~ Caring
Purple ~ Royalty/Regal
Red ~ Declaration of Love
White ~ Forgiveness
Yellow ~ Hopelessly in Love
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Beautiful in
In this lovely
arrangement, the
serenity of blue,
along with the
purity of intention
symbolized by
white, will let the
family know you
are sending your
calm strength to
them during these
difficult times.
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