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Flowers on a grave are one of the most enduring images that one thinks of when
trying to memorialize a loved one. As far back as recorded mankind goes, so does
using flowers to adorn the graves of the deceased. Even in prehistoric times
flowers were found buried with the dead. Throughout history flowers have played
an important role and have been used in a variety of ways.

During Victorian times, memorials were commonplace, often resting upon mantels
and gingerbread stands. They sometimes where displayed in shadow boxes. There
were many varieties of flower memorials. Some were kept in glass cases and made
up of foliage and wax blooms.
It is also very common to have
funeral wreaths, some with fresh or
dried flowers in tradition shapes or
made custom for significance to the

Flowers have and probably always
will remain an important and lasting
portion of the funeral process.
Calla Lilies were a favorite, since during this era,
Proper Victorian flowers were always white or
featured shades of purple. Other times people
chose to keep flowers from funeral bouquets dry
them and put them under glass as a proper
Flowers can be chosen to show specific meaning or feeling from you to the
deceased or to the family.
(See: Flowers and their Meanings)
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Beautiful in
In this lovely
arrangement, the
serenity of blue,
along with the
purity of intention
symbolized by
white, will let the
family know you
are sending your
calm strength to
them during these
difficult times.
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