Funerary Jewelry
Jewelry has been used to adorn the dead for centuries, but today jewelry is being
used in a different manner. It is often now used as a keepsake and a reminder of
the deceased loved one.
Funeral Related Services
There are many companies that manufacture jewelry that holds small portions of
loved ones ashes as a more practical remembrance of loved ones. Many of these
companies also do custom work. Along the lines of jewelry there are always
lockets, sealed ornamental containers, and necklaces.

There is another company that uses either 8oz cremated ashes, or enough hair,
about enough from a haircut to create real diamonds. They use high pressure and a
couple weeks to create these very costly mementos of a loved one. While there are
several choices of color, the yellow is least expensive, with clear and blue being the
most expensive. The created diamond that contains all the properties of a real stone
can be set into any piece of jewelry.
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