Planning & Preparation
Planning for death is often an unspoken worry. People have trouble expressing
feelings and fears openly. They approach the subject awkwardly, hoping someone
will recognize their clues.

Dying can be very expensive, for this reason most experts even the American
Association of Dying Persons suggests you plan your funeral in advance.

Every year, thousands of older Americans seek advice about funeral plans. One
article in the pages of Modern Maturity prompted more than 20,000 letters voicing
worries and practical concerns about the indignity and expense of dying

If you feel self conscious about discussing funeral plans with the people you love,
think about the comfort they may derive from:

• Knowing someone cares and is concerned
• Easing anxieties just by discussing
• Finding that making plans is not that difficult
Planning a Funeral
Planning your Final Wishes
Prepaying your Funeral (Pre-Need)
The upsides and the downsides to pre-arrangement
At a time of difficult decisions for your family, you've already decided
How to plan yours or someone else's funeral or service
This main topic focuses on all subjects, but not
limited to, topics dealing with planning a
funeral, whether it be yours or someone else's.
How to plan the right service. How to get your
final wishes known, and even pay for them in
advance. It also includes sections about legal
matters, financial planning and more.
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Final Words
Planning has four major benefits;
First, the ceremony will reflect you and your family’s wishes.
Second, it lifts the weight from your survivors and lets them grieve and mourn.
Third, it enables you to comparison shop.
Fourth, it lifts a burden from the one who is, or may be ill, to have funeral plans in

Pre-planning your funeral means making a series of decisions;
* Regarding the disposition of the body
* The type of ceremony that you want
* Selection of a site
* Funding arrangements.

You should strongly consider involving your family, religious advisor or trusted
friend that may not be as emotionally involved to help you make clear decisions.
Write down your plans in a place easily accessible to relatives.

DO NOT put arrangements in your will or they will not likely be read until long
after the funeral.
Planning for a Funeral
Planning & Preparation
Major Benefits of Funeral Planning
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