Military Funerals
The History of Military Funerals- Find out how each tradition began.

Military Funeral Traditions- Find out what each custom is and why.

Veteran's Burial Benefits- Do you or your loved one qualify?

National Cemeteries- Information and Locations

Veteran's Administration- How to contact the V.A.

Military Memorials- Memorials and markers for veterans

Memorial Day- The day to honor the fallen

Veteran's Day- How and Where to honor Veterans

FAQ's- The most frequently asked Military Funeral questions
Military Funeral Honors
"Honoring Those Who Served"
The Department of Defense (DOD) is responsible for providing military funeral
honors to veterans who have defended our nation.

Eligible veterans receive a military funeral honors ceremony, to include folding and
presenting the United States burial flag and the playing of Taps. The law defines a
military funeral honors detail as consisting of two or more uniformed military
persons, with at least one being a member of the veteran's parent service of the
armed forces.

To arrange military funeral honors, contact your local funeral consultant or funeral
This main topic focuses on all
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topics dealing with military
funerals and  the history of
military funeral traditions. It also
includes sections about burial
benefits, those requirements,
memorial holidays, faq's,
national cemeteries, how to
contact the V.A., and more.
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