1.  A person who prepares the dead for burial and takes charge of  funerals
2.  One whose business it is to arrange for burying  the dead and to conduct funeral
3.  Mortician, Funeral home director, embalmer
4.  The management of funerals
5.  Undertakers- Originally called ‘layers out of the dead’

1.  A vase with a foot or pedestal. Urns were used in Greece and Rome to hold the ashes
of the dead
2.  A rounded or angular vase having a foot, variously used in antiquity as a receptacle for
the ashes of the dead
3.  A vessel for preserving the ashes of the dead
4.  A place of burial; grave; tomb

1.  A solid "container," usually made of concrete, to prevent leakage from the casket into
the soil. Many insiders in the industry advise that a grave liner is sufficient and a vault does
not really do what is purported to.

1.  Type of life insurance policy used before you pass away

1.  A night spent with prayers
2.  Watch or viewing of the deceased, often with festivities
3.  The eve or the day and night before solemn religious events or a holy day, especially as
a fast
4.  In Roman Catholicism, a service held on the eve of the funeral service

1.  The devotions, prayers, or services said or sung on the night before a religious festival

1.  Usually held at the funeral home, this is a scheduled time when the body is on display
(if appropriate) and friends and family pay respects to the dead and visit with each other

1.  To keep watch or vigil especially over a corpse
2.  A watch over the body of a dead person through the night, just before the burial, by the
relatives and friends: common among the Irish, and often accompanied by conviviality
3.  Watch or viewing of the deceased, often with festivities
4.  To keep watch over a dead body until burial; hold a wake over
5.  An all night watch beside the body of a dead person (chiefly used by the Irish)
Syn: funeral services or rites

1.  A person hired to weep at funerals
2.  Professional mourners
3.  One who weeps, as a hired mourner
4.  A long pieced of black crape worn as a sign of mourning, customarily hanging down
form the hat
5.  Mourning statues
6.  A conventional badge of mourning

1.  A will is a legal document stating the intentions of the deceased concerning the dispersal
of their belongings, and other relevant matters

Winding Sheet-
1.  A cloth in which a dead person is wrapped for burial
2.  The sheet that wraps a corpse
3.  A shroud
4.  Burial cloth or sheet
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