1.  The body of the deceased

Reposing Room-
1.  A room of the funeral home where the body rests until the funeral service

1.  Any musical hymn, composition , or service for the dead
2.  Any musical service or hymn for the dead
3.  Anything that suggests a service or hymn for the dead

Requiem Mass-
1.  Catholic Mass for a funeral
2.  A mass for the dead
3.  Musical church service for the dead
4.  The music for it
5.  In the Roman Catholic Church, a solemn mass sung for the repose of souls of the dead
The opening words of the introit mass “Rest Eternal give unto them, O Lord”.

1.  Pray for the deceased
2.  A wish or prayer for the repose of the dead
3.  A prayer for the repose of a departed soul

Requiescat in Pace-
1.  The first word of the Latin petition “May he (or she) rest in peace”; ABBR- R.I.P.

Right of Survivorship-
1.  Occurs when a joint property owner has provided for the passing of all property into the
hands of the surviving joint owner. This will forego the need for probate

Rigor Mortis-
1.  The cooling of the body and increased rigidity of muscles that sets in after death

1.  Vault
2.  A place for putting the bones of persons who have died
3.  Tomb; Grave
4.  A burial place especially one found or made in a rock or solidly built of stone.
5.  A receptacle of relics, especially in an altar slab; A box or urn in a chapel to receive the
Holy Sacrament
6.  A structure or recess in old churches in which sacred relics were deposited on Thursday
or Friday before Easter to be taken out at Easter
Syn: vault, grave, tomb, mausoleum, crypt, resting place, catacomb

The Holy Sepulcher- The rock-hewn tomb in which the body of Jesus was buried

1.  Of Sepulchers or tombs
2.  Of burial
3.  Pertaining to a sepulcher
4.  Suggestive of burial or the grave
Syn: gloomy, dark, dismal, as of the grave, like the grave, funereal, deathly, mournful,
dreary, heavy, Stygian

1.  Burial
2.  Archaic, a place of burial
3.  The act of entombing; burial
4.  A sepulcher

1.  Memorial building or place
2.  A casket or box holding a holy object; reliquary
3.  The tomb of a saint
4.  Any place or object sacred because of memories associated with it
5.  A receptacle for sacred relics
6.  A place, as a tomb or a chapel, sacred to some holy personage, or considered as
sanctified by the remain or presence of such
Syn: tabernacle, altar, reliquary, temple, church, chapel, mausoleum, sanctuary,
holy place, monument, memorial

1.  Burial cloth or sheet
2.  A cloth or garment in which a dead person is wrapped for burial
3.  A winding sheet
4.  A dress or garment for the dead
5.  To wrap for burial
6.  To dress for  the grave; clothe in a shroud
7.  To bury
Syn: Covers, winding sheet, burial sheet, cloth, wrap, cerements, pall, veil

1.  Sarcophagus, elaborately carved

Song of lament-
1.  A dirge, elegy, requiem, threnody

1.  Bugle call at Military funerals
2.  Taps is sounded when a soldier or sailor is buried
3.  A signal on a bugle or drum to put out the lights at night

1.  A person making a valid will

1.  The study of death

1.  Fear of death
2.  Morbid fear of death

1.  A musing or meditation upon death
2.  A view of death

1.  In Greek mythology, the god of death: identified with the Roman Mors

1.  A song of lamentation especially at a person’s death
2.  An ode or a song of lamentation
3.  A dirge

1.  Burial place or vault
2.  Grave; vault; mausoleum or other place for a dead body; often above ground
3.  A place for the burial of the dead
4.  A place where the dead lie
5.  A tombstone
6.  To put in a tomb; entomb; bury
(Origin- AF tumbe, OF tombe, LL tumba, Gk, tymbos a mound)
Syn: vault, chamber, grave, crypt, mausoleum, sepulcher, catacomb, ossuary, cenotaph,

1.  Stone grave marker
2.  A stone or other marker that marks a tomb or grave, usually having an inscription
3.  Gravestone
4.  A stone, usually inscribed, marking a place of burial
Syn: gravestone, headstone, monument, stele, grave marker,

1.  Usually a fund, though it may be made up of other property. It is held and managed by
one person for the benefit of another (or others).
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