1.  Corpse, dead matter
(Origin- Greek nekros corpse)

1.  Having to do with necrology; giving an account of the dead or of deaths

1.  A person who writes or prepares obituaries

1.  Announcement, obituary or notice
2.  A list of persons who have died
3.  A notice of a person’s death
4.  A list of persons who have died in a certain place or time
5.  A treatise on or an account of the dead
6.  Formerly, a register of those for whose souls prayer was to be offered
(Origin- Greek)

1.  Fear of death
2.  A morbid fear of death or of dead bodies

1.  Large cemetery or graveyard
2.  An ancient or prehistoric burying ground
3.  A cemetery, especially one belonging to an ancient city

1.  Autopsy; postmortem examination
2.  An examination of a dead body

1.  In a columbarium, an individual chamber wherein an urn is placed

1.  A square shaft with pyramidal top, usually monumental
2.  The Egyptian obelisks are always monolithic and slightly tapering

1.  Latin He or she died

1.  Informal. An obituary
2.  A ceremony performed in memory of a dead person on the anniversary of his death
3.  The death or date of death of a person
4.  A ceremony or service commemorating a death
5.  (Origin- French/Latin- Obitus A going down, a death)

1.  The writer of an obituary or obituaries

1.  Announcement or notice
2.  A notice of death, often with an account of a person’s life
3.  Recording of a death or deaths
4.  Pertaining to the death of a person
5.  A published notice of death
6.  A biographical sketch of one recently deceased
(Origin M Latin obituarius or obitus)
Syn: obit, death notice, necrology

1.  The last office of the dead
2.  A funeral service
(Origin Latin  exequiae funeral rites and obsequium dutiful service)
Syn: funeral rite, ceremony, service

1.  Funeral rites or ceremonies
2.  Stately funeral
(Origin- Medieval Latin)

1.  Dutiful and proper in observing funeral rites or in mourning the dead
2.  Sycophantic or adulatory in manner; cringing; servile
3.  Promptly obedient
Syn: attentive, compliant, flattering, deferential fawning,

Opening and Closing Fees-
1.  Cemetery fees for the digging and refilling of a grave.

1.  Urn
2.  Vault for bones
3.  A vault or the like for the bones of the dead
4.  A place for holding the bones of the dead
5.  Charnel house
6.  Grave mound
(Origin- Latin ossuarium, ossuarius of, for bones, ossis a bone)
Syn: urn, receptacle, vault

1.  Shroud or black cloth
2.  A heavy cloth of black, purple, or white velvet spread over a coffin, or hearse, or a tomb
3.  A covering, usually of black cloth thrown over a coffin or over a tomb
(Origin- OE paell a cloak)

1.  Coffin carriers
2.  One who attends a coffin at a funeral
3.  One of the men who carries or walks with the coffin at a funeral, so called from the old
custom of holding up the corners of edges of the pall carried over the coffin

Perpetual Care Trust Funds-
1.  A certain portion of the cost of a burial plot is set aside in a trust fund for its ongoing
care (usually restricted to grounds keeping, such as lawn cutting, etc.)

Personalized Funerals-
1.  A personalized funeral is a non-traditional type of funeral growing in popularity

1.  Burial site or unit
2.  A patch of ground set aside for burial

1.  Occurring after death
2.  Arising or continuing after a person’s death
3.  Born after the father’s death: said of child

1.  Investigation of death
2.  Expert examination of a human body after death for pathological or judicial purposes
3.  An autopsy

Post mortem-
1.  Latin- After death
2.  Also - postobitum

Post obit-
1.  Made or done after death
2.  Taking effect after death

Post Obituary-
1.  A bond given to secure payment by the obligor of a sum of money on the death of a
designated person, generally on from whose estate he has expectations
2.  Post obit-bond

Potter’s field-
1.  Pauper’s graves
2.  A piece of ground set aside for the burial of people who die without friends or money
3.  A piece of ground appropriated as a burial ground for the destitute and the unknown.
4.  A field bought for 30 silver pieces which Judas received for betraying Jesus, used as a
burial place for strangers (Matthew 27:7-8)

Pre-need or Pre-planning-
1. Pre-planning is arranging all aspects of your funeral (especially financing) in advance.

1. The court process of proving the validity of a will

1.  Cortege
2.  Death march
3.  An array, as of persons or vehicles, arranged in  succession and moving in a formal
manner; a funeral procession
Syn: parade, train, column, caravan, cavalcade, file, march, cortege, motorcade

1.  Pile of wood on which a corpse in burned
2.  A pile of wood for burning a dead body as a funeral rite
3.  A heap of combustibles arranged for burning a dead body
(Origin- Latin pyra hearth, funeral pile Greek pyr a fire )
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