1.  Tomb housing
2.  A large magnificent tomb, especially one above ground
3.  A large stately tomb
4.  A building erected mainly as a tomb, taking its name from the Mausoleum of Mausolus
at Halicarnassus.
Syn: tomb, sepulcher

Mausoleum, the-
1.  A magnificent tomb in southwest Asia Minor, at Halicarnassus, built in the 300’s BC. It
was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world
2.  The King Mausolus of Caria, erected by Queen Artemisia at Halicarnassus about 350 BC

1.  Reminder or symbol of deceased
2.  Something serving as a reminder or remembrance
3.  A hint or reminder to awaken memory; souvenir; memorial
Syn: souvenir, keepsake, remembrance, reminder, token, memorabilia, memorial

1.  (In the Roman Catholic Church) either of the two prayers beginning “Memento”
(“Remember”) in the canon of the Mass, in which the living and the dead respectively are
2.  Eccl. Either of the two prayers in the canon of the mass in which the and the departed
are respectively mentioned

Memento Mori-
1.  Reminder or symbol of deceased
2.  An emblem or reminder of death, as a skull etc.: literally, remember that you must die

1.  Stone grave marker
2.  Something that is a reminder of some event or person, such as a statue, an arch or
column, or marker
3.  Commemorating the memory of a deceased person or of any event
4.  Something designed to keep in remembrance a person, event
Syn: monument, statue, shrine, marker, monolith, reminder, commemoration, record,

Memorial Day-
1.  A day for honoring American servicemen who died for their country, observed by
decorating graves and memorials
2.  Decoration day
3.  In most states it is a legal holiday that falls on the last Monday in May

Memorial Park-
1.  Cemetery

Memorial Service-
Syn: remembering, commemorative, retrospective

1.  Any structure or sculpture in stone formed of a single piece as a menhir or an obelisk

1.  Stone grave marker
2.  An object or structure set up to keep a person or event from being forgotten
3.  A monument may be a building, pillar, arch, statue, tomb, or stone
4.  Something erected to perpetuate the memory of a person or of an event
5.  A notable structure worthy to be consider as a memorial of an event or a person
6.  A tomb
7.  Obsolete: A sepulcher; tomb
8.  Obsolete: An effigy; statue
Syn: A memorial statue, pillar, column, monolith, obelisk, tower, stone, plinth, shrine,
pyramid, tombstone, headstone, marker, cross, mausoleum, cenotaph, effigy, ossuary,
sepulcher, solium, weeper.
“A boast in stone” – (Anon)

1.  A place in which the bodies of persons unidentified or killed by accident or violence are
kept until they can be identified or for investigation
2.  A place where bodies of the dead are kept until identified or claimed
(Origin- French- originally a building in Paris used as a morgue origin uncertain- The name
of the Paris building used for this purpose)
Syn: mortuary, funeral parlor, charnel house, crematorium

1.  Undertaker
2.  Funeral Director (Origin- American English)
Syn: undertaker, funeral director, embalmer

1.  Preparation facility for the dead
2.  A building or room where dead bodies are kept until burial or cremation
3.  A gift to a priest of a parish from the estate of a dead parishioner
4.  In old English law, a gift claimed by or given to a parish minister on the death of a
5.  Pertaining to the burial of the dead; also relating to or reminiscent of the dead
6.  A place for the temporary reception of the dead; a dead house
(Origin- L mortuarius belonging to the dead)
Syn: funeral home, funeral parlor, morgue, charnel house, crematorium

1.  To express deep sorrow or grief
2.  Grieve
3.  To show the conventional signs of grief following the death of a person
4.  Go into mourning
5.  To feel or express grief or sorrow.
6.  To display the conventional signs of grief after someone’s death
7.  Wear mourning
8.  Tom grieve or sorrow for someone dead
(Origin- Old English murnan)
Syn: grieve, lament, bemoan, pine, bewail, rue, despair, miss, deplore, languish, agonize,
yearn, ache, suffer, anguish, regret
“We mourn in black” – (Shakespeare)

1.  Friends and relatives of the deceased,
2.  A person who mourns, especially at a funeral
3.  One who mourns; specifically, one who attend a funeral
Syn: the bereaved, griever, survivor

1.  Full of grief; sad; sorrowful
2.  Causing or attended with sorrow or mourning
3.  Indicating or expressing grief
4.  Oppressed with grief
Syn: sorrowful, bereft, desolate, woeful, heavyhearted, downhearted, forlorn, dirgeful, grief-
stricken, anguished, heartsick, inconsolable, aching with nostalgia, disheartened, prostate

1.  The wearing of black or some other color (white in the Orient) to show sorrow for a
person’s death
2.  The action of draping buildings or flying flags at half-mast as an outward sign of sorrow
for death
3.  The act of sorrowing or expressing grief; lamentation, sorrow
4.  The symbols or outward manifestations of grief, as the use of symbolic colors in dress,
the draping of building or doors, and the half-masting of flags
5.  Clothes or decoration used to show sorrow for death
6.  The period during which black or other display of sorrow is worn
Syn: Grieving, sorrowing, lamentation, lamenting, bereavement, grief, anguish  
(Attire: black, veil, sackcloth, mourning band, widow’s weeds)

Mourning Paper-
1.  Stationary with a black border

1.  To make (a dead body) into a mummy by embalming and drying
2.  To preserve a body
3.  To make a mummy of
4.  To preserve for drying
Syn: dry, shrivel, preserve, desiccate, embalm, swaddle

1.  A dead body preserved from decay. Egyptian mummies have lasted more than 3,000
2.  A dead human body dried and preserved by nature
3.  A body embalmed in the ancient Egyptian manner
4.  Any dead body which is very well preserved
(Origin- French, Med L, Arabic, Persian)
Syn: corpse, cadaver, the embalmed, the entombed, * stiff
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