1.  A horrible demon in Oriental stories, believed to rob graves and feed on corpses
2.  A person who robs graves or corpses; Grave robber
3.  In Oriental legend, an evil spirit supposed to prey on corpses
4.  A person who robs dead bodies; a grave-robber; body-snatcher (Origin- Arabic)

1.  A hole dug in the ground where a dead body is to be buried
2.  The mound or monument over it; tomb
3.  Any place of burial; watery grave
4.  An excavation in the earth for the burial of a dead body; a tomb
5.  The abode of the dead
(OE groef)
Syn: tomb, resting place, crypt, vault, sepulcher, burial pit, mausoleum, catacomb, barrow
“The last inn of all travelers” – (William Davenant)
“The footprints of angels” – (Longfellow)
“The threshold of eternity” – (Robert Southey)
“The last resort”- (Anon)

Grave Clothes-
1.  The clothes or wrappings in which a dead body is buried; cerements
2.  The clothes or wrapping in which a dead person is interred

Grave Digger-
1.  A person whose work is digging graves
2.  One who digs graves

Grave Liner-
1.  A box or receptacle made of concrete or other durable material into which the casket is
placed to prevent the ground from collapsing. Most states do not require it, though most
cemeteries do

Grave Marker-
1.  A sign that marks a grave, often bearing an inscription

Grave Side-
1.  The space beside or immediately around a grave

1.  Stone grave marker
2.  A stone that marks a grave; headstone
3.  A memorial stone, placed at a grave

1.  A place for burying the dead
2.  Cemetery, or burial ground
3.  A burial place; a cemetery
Syn: necropolis, *boneyard

Green Burial-
1.  Also called direct burial, is the process of burying a body without the use of chemical
preservation in a simple container to help preserve the earth

1.  Stone grave marker
2.  A stone marker set at the head of a grave
3.  Gravestone or tombstone

1.  Automobile or coach that carries coffin to cemetery
2.  An automobile, carriage, boat, or other vehicle, for carrying a coffin to the cemetery
3.  Historical: A structure over a royal or noble tomb or coffin, decorated with candles,
heraldic devices, poems, and other paraphernalia
4.  (V) To carry to the grave in a hearse
5.  Archaic, to bury with funeral rites and ceremonies; place on a bier or in a coffin or tomb
6.  A vehicle for carrying the dead to the grave
7.  A symbolical triangular frame set with spikes, resembling teeth of a harrow, on which
lighted candles are placed during the singing of Tenebrae in Holy Week; so called because
the frame from candles about a coffin resembled a harrow

1. To place in the earth, as a dead body; bury; inter
(Origin- L in + humus soil earth)

1.  Burial

1.  Investigation of death

In State-
1.  The custom of presenting the deceased for viewing by mourners and others, prior to or
after the funeral service

1.  To place in a grave or tomb; bury

1.  The act of putting a dead body into a grave or tomb; a burial
2.  The act of interring; burial
Syn: burial, entombment, inhumation

1.  Having left behind no legal will

1.  Placing cremation ashes in an urn

1.  Bell tolls signaling death or an omen
2.  The sound of a bell rung slowly after a death or at a funeral
3.  Figurative, Something regarded as a sign of death or as telling of a death
4.  A mournful sound
5.  The tolling of a bell, as in announcing a death
6.  An omen of death, rain, or failure
7.  (V) To ring slowly, especially for a death or at a funeral; toll
8.  To give a sad or warning sound
9.  To sound a knell; toll, as mourning

1.  Mourn aloud by weeping, wailing etc.
2.  To sorrow for, mourn aloud for
3.  To feel sorrow about,
4.  To express and feel sorrow; grieve; mourn
Syn: mourn, grieve, weep, wail, cry, sob, shed tears, sorrow, commiserate, bewail, deplore,

1.  Loud grief
2.  Cries of sorrow
3.  Mourning, wailing
4.  The expression of grief
Syn: lament, grieving, mourning, wailing, weeping, crying, sobbing, moaning,
commiseration, plaint, dirge

Lay to Rest- Euphemism, for burying

1.  Remaining debts and mortgages, as they apply to the administering of an estate

1.  Archaic, A dead body, or corpse Also: lych (Origin- Old English)

Lich Gate-
1.  Churchyard gateway sheltering coffin at service
2.  A churchyard gate covered with a roof under which a bier may stand
3.  A roofed gate to a church yard, under which a bier was set down to await the coming of
the clergyman. Also: lych gate

Life Insurance Trust-
1.  A trust funded from money provided from life insurance

Living Trust-
1.  A trust that has been established during the life of the trustee

Living Will-
1.  A legal document that details the wishes of an individual concerning his or her medical
care, especially with respect to life-sustaining technology and resuscitation
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