1.  With life gone from it; no longer living; without life
2.  Having ceased to live; lifeless (Origin- Old English)
Syn: lifeless, deceased, expired, passed away, departed, perished, extinct, still, defunct,
resting in peace, *pushing up daisies, late, stiff, * gone to meet one’s maker, *out of one’s
misery, *kaput, *gone belly up, *down for the count, *crow bait, * buzzard bait, * stone
cold, * worm food, * dead as a coffin nail,* dead as a doornail, * carrion, lost, *on ice

Dead March-
1.  A solemn funeral march, especially at a military funeral
2.  A piece of solemn music played at a funeral, especially a military one
3.  Music written for a funeral procession

1.  The act or fact of dying
2.  The ending of any form of life in people, or animals
3.  Cessation of physical life
4.  The cessation, absence, or opposite of spiritual life (Origin- OE death)
5.  The power that destroys life, often represented as a skeleton dressed in black and
carrying a scythe or spade and mattock.
Syn: demise, end, dying, decease, passing, expiration, parting, termination, release, rest,
extinction, mortality, in extremis, *curtains, *lights out, * last roundup, *finis, * grim
reaper, * show stopper, afterlife, fatality, oblivion, repose,
“When the soul shall emerge from it’s sheath” – (Marcus Aurelius)
“A black camel that kneels at the gates of all” – (Abd-El-Kader)
“An eternal night”-(Algernon Swinburne)
“The undiscovered country” – (Shakespeare)
“The grand perhaps”- (Robert Browning)
“A pale horse”-(Bible)
“The port where all may refuge find” – (William Alexander)

Death Angel-
1.  (In Jewish & Muslim tradition) Azrael, the angel who takes the soul from the body at
the moment of death

Death Bell-
1.  A bell tolled at the death of a person
2.  Passing bell
3.  A bell announcing death; a passing bell.
4.  A ringing in the ears like a tolling bell: thought by some to presage the news of a death

Death Certificate-
1.  A certificate by a doctor on which the facts relating to a person’s death, such as date,
time, and cause are recorded
2.  A legal document, signed by a coroner or other medical health professional certifying the
death of an individual. The death certificate is used for many legal processes pertaining to
death, from arrangement for interment to the settlement of estate assets

Death Knell-
1.  The sound of a bell tolled at the death of a person
2.  Knell

Death Mask-
1.  A clay, wax, or plaster likeness of a person’s face made from a cast taken after the
person’s death.
2.  A cast of the face taken just after death

Death Watch-
1.  The last vigil with the dying or with the body of one dead
2.  A small European wood boring beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) that makes a ticking
noise, superstitiously though to presage death

Deep Six- U.S. Slang- Burial, especially at sea

1.  A funeral song or tune
2.  In the Roman Catholic Church: a) the choral funeral service. b) a funeral hymn or
3.  A song, tune, lament, or wail expressing grief and mourning
4.  A hymn or choral service at a funeral  
(Origin- Latin)
Syn: Death march, funeral hymn, epicedium, threnody, lament, elegy, mass

See: Exhume

Display Room-
1.  A room in a funeral home set aside for viewing available caskets, urns, grave liners, etc.

1. Any manner in which remains will be taken care of, including ground burial, ash
scattering of cremated remains and all other forms of placement

1. A prehistoric monument of two or more upright stones supporting a horizontal stone slab
found especially in Britain and France, thought to be tombs

1.  Sculpted representation of the dead on a monument
2.  An image or statue usually of a deceased person
3.  A figure representing a person, as in sculpture or numismatics
4.  A representation of a person who has in incurred odium (Origin- French/Latin)

1.  To treat the body with sweet oils, spices, chemicals, and drugs to prevent
2.  To preserve from decay, as a dead body, by treatment with balsams, antiseptic
preparations, drugs, and chemicals
3.  To preserve from oblivion (Origin- French/Latin)

1.  One who embalms the dead
2.  Anything that preserves from decay

Embalming Fluid-
1.  A preserving fluid injected into the blood vessels of a corpse. It is composed of
formaldehyde and various slats or alkaloids.

1.  To place in a tomb; Bury
2.  To place in or as in a tomb; bury
3.  To serve as a tomb for
4.  Also spelled intomb
(Origin- Old French/ Latin)

1.  The act of entombing or the state of being entombed
Syn: bury, inter, sepulcher, inhumane, * lay to rest

1.  A carved inscription on a mountain, tomb

1.  A short statement in memory of a dead person. It is often put on a gravestone or tomb.
2.  Inscription on a gravestone
3.  To commemorate in a epitaph
4.  An inscription on a tomb or monument in honor or in memory of the dead
5.  A sentiment in prose or verse written as for inscription on a tomb (Origin- Latin/Greek)
Syn: inscription, memorial, legend, epigraph, commemoration, hic jacet, *last word,
“An inscription show that virtues acquired by death have retroactive effect” – (Ambrose
“Let no man write my epitaph” – (Robert Emmet)

1.  When the state takes over the estate if there are no beneficiaries or heirs

Estate Tax-
1.  Federal and state taxes applied to any property that is transferred at death

1.  The customary rules of behavior in society and situations
2.  Formal rules governing behavior, especially in a professional or official ceremony
3.  The usages of polite society or professional intercourse
(Origin- French/Germanic)
Syn: manners, courtesy, civility, politeness, decorum, proper conduct, propriety,
formalities, protocol, social graces
“Behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential” – (Will Cuppy)

1.  To praise very highly
2.  To speak or write a eulogy about; to praise highly
Syn: Praise, extol, laud, pay tribute, honor, celebrate, pay homage to, glorify

1.  Praise for the deceased
2.  A Speech or writing in praise of a person or thing , especially a set oration in honor of a
deceased person
3.  High praise or commendation
4.  A spoken or written laudation of a persons life or character; praise
(Origin- Greek)
Syn: praise, encomium, tribute, homage, panegyric, laudation, extolment, honor,
“Praise that is too much and too late” – (Anon)

1.  A painless killing, especially to end a painful and incurable disease
2.  Mercy killing
3.  Painless, peaceful death
4.  The deliberate putting  to death of a person suffering from a painful and incurable  
disease (Origin- Greek)

1.  Male or female named as the person who administers an estate

Exequy or Exequies:
1.  Funeral ceremonies;
2.  A funeral procession
3. Obsequies

1. To dig up human remains, possibly for medical or legal investigation

Extol or Extoll-
1.  To praise highly, laud
2.  To raise high with praise, commend
3.  To praise in the highest terms
Syn: eulogize, laud

1.  One who extols; a eulogizer, a praiser

Funeral Director- A person who prepares the dead or interment and conducts
burials; undertaker; mortician

Funeral Home or Funeral Parlor- Place of business, having rooms for embalming and for
funeral services

Funeral Insurance-
1.  Funeral insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover any costs directly related to
your funeral

Funeral Pile-
1.  A pile of wood or other combustible material upon which a dead body is burned

Funeral Service-
1. Ceremony, religious or secular, in which the bereaved say goodbye to the deceased in
various ways, before the remains are permanently interred

Funeral Spray-
1.  A large bouquet (25 or more) of cut flowers sent to the residence or the funeral home as
a tribute to the deceased

Funereal- (fyu nir e el) - (Adj.)
1.  Of, or for a funeral: funereal garb, funereal gloom.
2.  Pertaining to or suitable for a funeral; mournful, lugubrious
Funereal Synonyms: somber, depressing, black, gray, grim, mournful, sepulchral, dreary,
doleful, dismal, grave, lugubrious, gloomy, melancholy,
“The sad funereal feast” (Alexander Pope)
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