Words and terms are in alphabetical order. We apologize if anyone is offended by the
graphic nature of these definitions. However the words are defined as technically literal
as possible
1.  Any court appointed person or body put in charge of the estate of a person who passed
on without a will

1.  Life after death
Syn: Heaven, hereafter, eternity, bliss

1.  Great suffering or distress
2.  Figurative; Extreme mental pain
3.  Excruciating mental pain; agony; torture
Syn: Distress, suffering, agony, pain, grief, misery, torment, woe, dolor, sorrow, anxiety

1.  Disturbance of mind regarding some uncertain event

Arrangement Room-
1.  A room in the funeral home set aside for funeral home staff and the bereaved family to
make funeral arrangements

Attorney in Fact-
1.  Any person granted the power of attorney

1.  A medical examination of a dead body to find the cause of death or the character and
site of the disease of which the person died
2.  The Post-mortem examination of a human body, especially to determine the cause of
death for medical or legal purposes.
Syn: post-mortem, necropsy

1.  Mound of earth or stones over an ancient grave; tumulus
2.  A burial mound; cairn (Origin-OE beorg hill, burial mound)

1.  Any recipient of the proceeds of a will or insurance policy

1.  Any gift of property made in a will

1.   Friends and relatives of the deceased
2.  When the loss is that of a beloved person by death
3.   To leave desolate or saddened through loss (Origin- OE bereafian)

1.  The loss of a relative or friend by death
2.  Act of bereaving
3.  An afflictive loss as by death
Syn: loss, deprivation, grief, sorrow, heartache, mourning

1.  A framework for carrying a corpse to the grave; a coffin

1.  The act of putting a dead body in a grave, in a tomb, or in the sea; burying; funeral:
“The sailor was given the burial at sea.”
2.  The burying of a dead body
3.  A place of burial; a grave (now used chiefly by anthropologists and archaeologists): “the
great burials at Ur, the Sutton Hoo burial excavated near Ipswich (England) 1939.”  
(OE- byrgels tomb)
SYN: Tomb, interment, inhumation, funeral, entombment, sepulture, last rites, *deep six

Burial Permit-
1. Required by some states for human remains to be buried or cremated. Usually acquired
by the mortuary or crematory, it is not required for the scattering of cremated ashes.

1.   One who or that which buries

1.  Sculptural depiction of the crucifixion in monument form
2.  A statutory group representing the Crucifixion, usually life-size and placed in the open
on a hill. But sometimes smaller and in a chapel
3.  A sculptured representation of the Crucifixion, usually erected in the open air

Calvary Cross-
1.  Heraldry: A Cross atop three steps

1.  A casket is any container designed for holding human remains. It may be made of
wood, metal or fiberglass. They are seldom called "coffins' in the funeral industry

1.  Underground vaults
2.  An underground gallery forming a burial place, especially a network of such galleries
with recesses in which to place the dead
3.  A long underground gallery with excavations in its sides for tombs or in which human
bones are stacked or piled  (Origin- Latin/Greek)

1.  The stand on which the casket rests while in state and during the funeral service

1.  A place for burying the dead; graveyard
2.  A place for the burial of the dead; formerly, a churchyard or a  catacomb; now usually,
a large park like enclosure, laid out and kept for purposes of interment
Syn: Graveyard, necropolis, memorial grounds, burial ground, churchyard, Golgotha,
*boneyard, * city of the dead.
(Origin- Greek: burial place, sleeping room, lull to sleep)

1.  Empty tomb, marker for one whose remains are elsewhere
2.  A monument erected in memory of a person who is buried elsewhere
3.  An empty tomb
4.  A monument erected to the dead but not containing the remains
(Origin- Latin/Greek)

1.  Urn vault
2.  A place for keeping the ashes of cremated bodies
3.  Funerary urn
4.  A niche in a tomb or other place for an urn containing the ashes of a cremated body
(Origin- Latin)

1.  The reduction to ashes by burning (Origin- Latin/English)

1.  An amendment to a will changing the original provisions

1.  A box into which a dead person is put to be buried
2.  Casket
3.  The case in which a corpse is buried
Syn: casket, pine box, catafalque, sarcophagus, pall, *wooden overcoat,
(Origin- French/Latin/Greek)
“An ornamental box…which no one cares to open” (Elbert Hubbard)

1.  Structure or building designed for the housing of urns of cremated remains, in niches

1.  To give over to, carry over, transfer, hand over for safe keeping
2.  The act or process of entrusting or consigning for safekeeping

1.  Any legal challenge to or question of the validity of a will

1.  The dead body of a human being
2.  A dead body, usually of a human being
3.  (Origin- French/Latin)
Syn: body, cadaver, *stiff, carcass, remains, bones, the deceased, ashes
“A human been” – (Kay Goodman)
“Like the cover of an old book, its contents torn out, and stript of its lettering and gilding
…yet the work itself shall not be lost, for it will appear once more in a new and more
beautiful edition”- (Ben Franklin)

1.  A funeral procession

1.  Ashes of a cremated body
2.  A cremated corpse

1.  To burn (a dead body) to ashes instead of burying it
2.  To burn up; reduce, especially a dead body, to ashes
(Origin- Latin/English cremare burn to ashes)

1.  A regulated process using intense heat in a chamber to burn human remains. Typically
taking 2 to 4 hours

1.  Incinerator; Crematorium
2.  A furnace for cremating dead bodies
3.  A building that has a furnace for cremating
4.  A place for cremating dead bodies

1.  Underground vaults
2.  An underground room or vault. The crypt beneath the main floor of a church was
formerly often used as a burial place
3.  A secret recess or vault; especially, one used, as in the catacombs, for interment
4.  A vault under some churches, used as a chapel, cemetery, etc.
5.  Any chamber that holds a casket and human remains
6.  An individual chamber in a mausoleum
(Origin- Latin/Greek)
Syn: tomb, vault, chamber, mausoleum, grave, catacomb, sepulcher

1.  Underground vaults
2.  Archaeology- A burial chamber, as in catacomb
3.  A burial chamber with recesses in the walls for dead bodies, as in the Roman catacombs
(Origin- Latin)
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