You will find frequently asked questions regarding;
cemeteries and graveyards.
What cemetery should I choose?
Factors to consider; Cost, Location, Location of available plots, Accessibility,
Grave marker rules, Display rules, and Pre-planning options.
What is the average cost of a cemetery plot?
There is a huge range in prices depending upon the cemetery you choose. Some
local township operated cemeteries plots can be purchased for as little as $50.00.
In many large well to do cemeteries, plots may run upwards $5,000 or more.
Who does the care and maintenance of a plot?
That depends upon the cemetery and whether or not you have perpetual care. It is
always best to assume that you will care for it. In most cases the cemetery
maintains the grounds which may not results in good care of your perticular plots.
What are the rules of display for decorating a loved one's
Be sure to get a copy of cemeteries rules and regulations
Are there additional costs for digging and burial or is that
part of the funeral cost?
This is not part of the funeral cost. There will be additional opening and closing
fees from the cemetery itself.
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How do I know if a cemetery is actually licensed to sell me a
burial plot?
You can verify that the cemetery is registered with the proper governing body in
your state. In Ohio for example, it is the
Division of Real Estate and Professional
How do I know that the special marker I want will be
erected at the cemetery?
Be sure that you completely understand the cemetery's monument and marker
How can I provide for other family members, when I
purchase numerous plots?
Do I have to purchase a vault to be buried in a cemetery?
Make sure you ask, most cemeteries require them. Ask if there is a requirement
about where to purchase vaults.
Can I have my favorite plant or bush planted on my grave?
Be sure that you clearly understand the cemetery's decoration policies. Some
cemeteries allow this especially smaller ones.
How do I know makes sure that the plot I've chosen is the
plot I'm sold?
Can I erect a fountain or bench, If I've purchased enough
Do I have to purchase my headstone or marker from the
cemetery where I plan to be buried?
Make sure that you clearly understand this requirement before you sign a contract.
Some cemeteries do require that you purchase markers from them. Insisting that
they must meet their specific qualifications.
What if I change my mind about the plot location or even
the cemetery itself?
Before you sign an agreement or contract, find out about, if any policies or
provisions exist for cancellations or refunds
What if I divorce before the plots are needed?
Am I allowed to camp or stay on my plots, since I've
purchased that space?
When you purchase a burial plot, you are purchasing the right to be buried there,
not the actual ground itself.
The salesman assured me that I can change my mind about
earth burial, can I get a refund?
Before you sign an agreement or contract, find out about, policies or provisions
that exist for cancellations or refunds. Also find out if the cemetery is willing to
buy back plots.
Can I sell my burial plot, If I decide I want or need to?
Find out if interment rights, merchandise or other services can be transferred to
another person.
What if I move to another part of the country before the
plots are needed?
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