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"Caring For Your Own"
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Home Funeral Assistance
We can guide you along the proper legal path to
ensure you are complying with the laws in your
state. How to acquire and file death certificates,  
transport permits or other necessary documents.
We'll show you what you need to know about how to
have a successful, and loving experience with you
and your family engaging in a tradition  that has
been  practiced throughout the entirety of mankind.
We can lead you through the necessary steps of,
washing, dressing, and caring for the body. Also
preparing for a vigil, and how to create a
meaningful memorial service.
Learn how to care for your own family in your own
home. We can guide you through the procedures to
conduct yours or a loved ones funeral.
You can help bring back the true "traditional" funeral by caring for your
own family. Fill out the form on the next page and we can guide you on
your way, to truly taking care of your own.