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Military Burial at Sea
Military Burials at Sea
Military Burial at Sea
Burial (or the scattering of cremains) at
sea is available to all veterans and
dependents, and is provided by the Navy
or U.S. Coast Guard. A flag is required,
and if supplied by the family can be
returned. If supplied by the Navy, it will
not be.

Because sea burials are done at the
convenience of the military, the family
may not witness sea burial.

Bodies waiting for sea burial must be embalmed to a state of preservation that will
last for at least 60 days. (This is accomplished with undiluted embalming fluid;

A non-sealing metal casket must be used, bound with six bands of nylon. The
casket must carry 150 lbs. of extra weight.

20- Two inch holes must be drilled in the top, bottom, and at each end.
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