Here are some answers to many
of the most frequently asked
questions regarding military
funerals and burials.
Does the VA pay for cremation?

Can I be reimbursed for burial expenses?

What are my burial benefits?

What can I do now to prepare for burial in a national

I do not have a DD214. Are other military documents

I don’t have my military discharge, how can I get a copy?

If I remarry after my husband dies can I still be buried in a
national cemetery with my first husband?
No, divorced spouses do not qualify for veteran's benefits

Is my mother, who is not a veteran, entitled to a Government
marker in a private cemetery?

Can I be buried at Arlington National Cemetery?
Military personnel, veterans whose service ended
honorably, and their dependents may be buried
without charge in any national cemetery in which
space is available.

Am I eligible for a burial flag and how do I get one?

I served in the National Guard. Can I be buried in a National

What is a Presidential Memorial Certificate?

How can I find out the status of a headstone order?

What do I do if the headstone inscription is incorrect?

All my medals were lost after the war. How can I get them

Can I order a flat marker for my husband and use it as a foot

My great-grandfather was killed during the Civil War. Can
you tell me where he is buried and about his service in the
Union Army?

Can VA provide burial at sea?

What is a state veterans cemetery?

Will the national cemetery provide military honors for my

Is the National Cemetery Administration running out of
The VA has gotten complaints from veterans who have been  approached by
commercial funeral companies offering free cemetery lots and, or other veteran’s
benefits. They DO NOT represent the U.S. Government! Be sure to ask:

• Must you also purchase another lot?
• Where is it located?
How much will it cost?
• Is "perpetual care" additional?
• What are the costs for opening and closing each grave?
• Must certain memorials be purchased through the cemetery?
• What are the costs for setting memorials?
• Is a vault required?
Even for cremated remains?
May it be purchased elsewhere?
• Is there marker or planting restrictions?
• What are the "administrative" charges?
• Who owns the cemetery?
Are there nearby municipal or religious cemeteries which charge less for the
same services?
Military Burial FAQ's
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