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Famous Monuments
The most imposing of all tombs are the pyramids of Egypt. The Egyptians also
cut rock tombs in the sides of cliffs near Thebes. Other famous tombs are
those at Petra, the ancient rock city in what is now Jordan.  

Many large tombs were built in ancient Asia Minor. The most notable was
that of King Mausolos, from whose name came the word “mausoleum”.

In ancient Greece and Rome roads outside cities were lined with tombs, some
beautifully ornamented. The Romans developed a circular tower tomb, a
famous example being that of Emperor Hadrian in Rome.

One of the most beautiful tombs in the world is the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

Taj Mahal- A mausoleum, or tomb, at Agra, in central India, built by the
Mogul emperor Shah Jahan (1592-1666) for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal
(“the chosen of the palace”). Shah Jahan was also buried there. 20,000
artisans are said to have worked on the Taj Mahal from about 1632-1650.
The building is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture and
decorative art; many consider it the most exquisite building in existence. Taj
Mahal is on the south bank of the Jumna River.

The Taj Mahal was neglected after the
Mogul emperors lost their power in the
18th century. Over the years looters have
carried away the silver doors and many
of the precious stones. In the early 20th
century the British government helped
restore the building.

In later times, many prominent persons
were buried in churches. Westminster
Abbey has the remains of British monarchs
and many distinguished persons.

Throughout the world tombs are national and religious shrines. Notable tombs
in the U.S., are those of Ulysses S. Grant in New York, And Abraham Lincoln
in the Springfield, Illinois, and the Tomb of the Unknowns in
National Cemetery
.(see: National Cemeteries)

A Beautiful example of a sarcophagus is that
of Tutankhamen, an Egyptian pharaoh of the
14th century B.C.

The sarcophagus of Alexander the Great,
located in Alexandria, Egypt, imitates temple
architecture in its carvings and painting.

A magnificent sarcophagus of modern times is
that of Napoleon I in Paris.
Memorials & Monuments
Presidential Tombs (See: Presidential Tombs & Monuments)
Washington Monument-  Washington D.C.

Grant’s Tomb- New York City, New York

Harrison's Tomb- North Bend, Ohio
Among other famous mausoleums are;

Hadrian’s Tomb in Rome (now the Castel Sant’ Angelo, a museum)

Lenin’s Tomb, Red Square, Moscow
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