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African Funerals
African Funerals
The custom of burying the dead in the floor of
dwelling houses has been to some degree
prevalent on the Gold Coast of Africa. The
ceremony is purely animist, and apparently
without any set ritual. The main exception is
that the females of the family of the deceased
and their friends may undergo mournful
lamentations. In some instances they work
their feelings up to an ostentatious, frenzy-like
degree of sorrow. The revelry may be heightened by the use of alcohol, of which
drummers, flute-players, bards, and singing men may partake. The funeral may
last for as much as a week. Another custom, a kind of memorial, frequently takes
place seven years after the person's death. These funerals and especially the
memorials may be extremely expensive for the family in question. Cattle, sheep,
goats, and poultry, may be offered in remembrance and then consumed in

Some funerals in Ghana are held with the deceased put in eleborate "fantasy
coffins" colored and shaped after a certain object, such as a fish, crab, boat, and
even an airplane.
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