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Jan 26th

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The Funeral Source News
January 26th 20015
"The" Source for Funeral Information and News
Jan 23, Ernie Banks,
Chicago Cub / HOF, died at

Jan 22
Wendell Ford
, former KY
Governor & US Senator,
died at 90.

King Abdullah, King of
Saudi Arabia, died at 90

Jan 19
Anne Kirkbride
, actress,
died at 60.

Jan 18
Tony Verna
, sports
producer, inventor of instant
replay, died at 81.

Jan 17
Don Harron
, actor, died at

Greg Plitt, actor / fitness
model, died at 37.

Faten Hamana
, Egyptian
actress, died at 83.
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Mar. 3-5: NFDA Advocacy Summit
(Washington DC)

Apr. 8-11: Annual Convention & Exposition
for the ICCFA

Apr. 24-26: NFDA Professional Women's
Conference (Chicago, IL

May 1: CANA/CMS Crematory Operations
Certification Conference (Providence, RI)

Jun. 12-14: National Funeral Exhibition
(Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, England)

Jul. 12-15: NFDA Leadership Conference
(Orlando, FL)

Oct. 18-21: NFDA International Convention
& Expo (Indianapolis, IN)
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DNA Banking

3D Urns

Rising Cremation Rates

Highly Personalized Funerals

Reality Shows, Again?
Funeral Professionals Already Hate This New
Funeral Home Reality Show
(Read More)

Florida Funeral Home Pitching Reality Show to
(Read More)

Stand Up Burials
Is this next? (Read more)
Savannah's Crown Jewel: Visiting Bonaventure Cemetery, Part II
(Adventuresincemeteryhopping: 01-16-15)
Wendell Ford Memorial Service:
(The Funeral Source News: 01-26-15) #FuneralNews
Can You Afford to Die?
(Sunlife: 12-09-14)
Today's Headlines
Paying for Your Fuenral
(photo: unknown)
Wendell Ford
(photo: US Senate)
Memorial News
News about Memorials, Wakes, Vigils, & Tributes
Classmates Remember Sammy Reagan on 2nd Anniversary of her Death
(WLWT: 01-21-15)
Johnny’s grave is second from the right
side of the photo.
(photo: Traci Muller Rylands)
Sammy Reagan
(photo: WLWT)
We often hear about the cost of living, but what about
the cost of dying?

Let’s be honest, dying isn’t something many of us like
to dwell on, but can we afford to stick our heads in
the sand? Our latest research reveals the total cost of
dying in the UK has soared 10.6% to £8,427 in just
one year - that’s seven times the cost of living1.

(Read the story click here:
Former Kentucky Governor & Senator Wendell Ford did lie in state
at the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort on Sunday from 11a to 6p, with
a public memorial service that took place at 3p.

Changing of the Guard from the Kentucky State Police During the
Memorial Service of Former Kentucky Governor and Senator
Wendell Ford (01-25-15) (c) The Funeral Source

See Video on Facebook Below:
It’s hard to think of Savannah without remembering its
native son, singer/composer/lyricist Johnny Mercer.
Many think the famous Mercer Williams House on
Monterey Square must have been his home but it never

Johnny is buried in a plot that contains his parents and
other relatives. His grave is beside that of his wife,
Elizabeth “Ginger” Meltzer Mercer. Both of their
gravestones are inscribed with lyrics from his songs.

(For the complete story click here:
LEBANON, Ohio —Classmates of the child killed in a
pile up on Interstate 275 paid tribute to her Wednesday on
the second anniversary of her death.

Sammy Reagan, 12, was killed during a 90-car pile-up in
2013 on I-275. The sixth-grader had gotten out of a
wrecked car and was struck by a metal cable barrier.

Students across the Kings School District wore Sammy’s
favorite color orange Wednesday.

(For the complete story click here:
Notable Tri-State Deaths in 2014- (WCPO)
We lost too many great people in the past year. Here is a group
of those who left a lasting impact on Greater Cincinnati. They
will be remembered and mourned by many in the community.
(For the complete story click here:  
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Celebrity Deaths & Funeral Notoriety
Anne Kirkbride 'Coronation Street' star dies at 60  
(JILL LAWLESS / AP: 01-19-15) (Read More click here: Continue)
Article: How to Keep Your Sanity While On Call
(by Jess Fowler / ASD: 01-01-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Greg Plitt, Actor/Fitness Model, Dies at 37
( 01-17-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Grave Robbers Employ Sheikhs to Counter Jinn in Tombs  
(Rany Mostafa / Cairo Post: 01-14-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ Actually Didn’t; Books Recalled
(Ron Charles/ Washington Post: 01-16-15) Read the complete story: Continue)
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Peers Seek to Limit Law on Assisted Dying
(Mark Leftly / The Independent : 01-11-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
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Remembering the anniversary of
the Death of Famous & Important
People. Their "Deathiversary"
New York Crematories Working OT?
(Sympathy Notes / Ed Munger: 01-12-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Other Recent Industry News
Eco-Friendly Cremation is also Pocket-Friendly
(Proshun Chakraborty  / Times of India : 01-11-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
How Americans' Refusal to Talk about Death Hurts the Elderly
(Sarah Kliff  / Vox : 01-11-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Other Recent Cemetery News
Cross Bones Graveyard to Get a Public Garden
(Londonist: 01-05-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
"Death for
Karen Jones
< Jan. 25th
Paying For a Funeral
(Money Advice Service : 01-15-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
Where/How to Buy Funeral Clothes
(Amy Johnson / I Mortuary : 01-15-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Concord Man Fixes Grave Mistake for Confederate Ancestor
(Michael Knox / Independent Tribune: 01-16-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Bodies of French Gunmen Lie Unburied, and, it Appears, Mostly Unwanted
(by MAÏA de la BAUME & DAN BILEFSKY/ The New York Times: 01-15-15) (Read More: Continue)
Ten Things About Human Decomposition (COAFD)
(Caleb Wilde: 01-16-15) (Read More: Continue)
Darrell Winfield, Marlboro Man - Obituary
(The Telegraph: 01-15-15) (Read More click here: Continue)
Other Recent Funeral Headlines
Other Recent Celebrity Death Stories
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Death Salon 2015 Events & Other News
(Megan Rosenbloom / Death Salon: 01-14-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
What Happens When You Try To Plan Your Funeral At Age 25
(Krystal Penrose / Funeral One: 11-22-14)
Planning Your Funeral?
(photo: The Funeral Source)
Planning your own funeral is easier said than done.

Heck, even thinking about it is hard to force yourself to
do. But after conquering my fear of death throughout the
last three years as a blogger in the funeral service
industry, I decided it was time to put some thought into
my own funeral. After all, wouldn’t I be a hypocrite if I
spoke of the importance of planning ahead without
actually planning ahead myself?

(Read More:
The Inventor of Instant Replay Just Died: In Praise of the Power of Hacks
(John C Abell: 01-20-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Have You Protected Your Blog with a Digital Will?
(Ali Jutt : 01-15-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
Raising a Funeral Fund After the Death of a Loved One
(Funeral Fund : 01-15-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Death is part of life. We all know that, yet many of us
are unprepared for it. Loved ones left behind are
unsure how to go about laying their deceased family
member to rest other than the basic burial or
cremation. The funeral is often assumed to be a part
of the burial, so they may expect matters to simply fall
into place as they just go through the motions: Eulogy,
followed by kind words, followed by psalms,
followed by hymns, and so on.

(Read the complete story click here:
Hope For American Funerals, How Celebrants Can Help
(Jeff Staab: 01-15-15)
American Funerals in Need?
(photo: unknown)
Gatherings of
people to have
open and frank
conversation about
their EOL Plans.
Graves That Save
(by Alli Magidsohn / Good: 12-21-13) (Read the complete story: Continue)
Death with dignity movement is alive and well in California
(Steve Lopez / LA Times: 01-20-15) (Read More: Continue)
Darren Shahlavi, Actor, Found Dead at 42
( 01-14-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
10 Ways the Funeral Industry Can Entrap an Undertaker’s Personal Life
(Caleb Wilde: 01-12-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Caitlin Doughty on A Good Goodbye Radio
(Gail Rubin : 01-12-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
With the increasing rate of cremation, it's more
important than ever for you to be fully prepared to
serve families that choose cremation. NFDA's
Certified Crematory Operator (CCO) Program was
developed for all funeral professionals – not just
operators. NFDA highly encourages funeral directors
who use a third-party crematory to earn their...

(Read the complete story click here:
NFDA Cremation Certification Program Coming to TX & SC
(NFDA: 01-09-15)
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Hero Pastor to Speak at Roselawn Stabbing Victim's Funeral
(WCPO Staff: 01-22-15) (Read More: Continue)
Victim of I-75 Bridge Collapse, Services this Weekend
(The Funeral Source News: 01-22-15)
‘Death With Dignity’ Laws Proposed, Bringing Debate to D.C. and Md.
(by Mike DeBonis / Washington Post: 01-16-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
Meet the Egyptian Families Who Live Among the Tombs In Cairo's
Massive Cemetery
(Harrison Jacobs: 11-19-14)
Home in the Cemetery
(photo: Tamara Abdul Hadi)
In southeastern Cairo, a city that's home to nearly 18
million people, lies El'Arafa cemetery. It's estimated
that anywhere between 500,000 and 1 million
Egyptians live in the 4-mile-long cemetery, which has
led it to be dubbed the City of the Dead.

In the cemetery, families, power lines, multi-story
buildings, and a post office mingle with the graves,
tombs, and mausoleums. There are often three
generations of Egyptians living in the necropolis, many
of whom have been there since the 1950s.

(Read the complete story:
Stephanie Bradford, Robert McGuire: Cincinnati Police Dept Honors Two Officers
(Casey Weldon / WCPO: 01-15-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
NFDA Members will Head to D.C. for the 2015 Advocacy Summit.
(NFDA: 01-09-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Planning Ahead Provides Peace of Mind for End-of-Life Care
(Usha Grieve / Community Care : 01-15-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
Rent a Casket?
(photo:  unknown)
There are always new cost-cutting ideas and eco-green
practices being launched in the funeral industry, many of them
taken from “real life” options that we select every day. After
all, we rent homes to live in, cars to travel in when we’re on
vacation and vacation houses to stay in once there. We have
no problem renting DVDs, CDs, and audio books. And, we
really don’t give a second thought to renting more personal
items like wedding gowns, tuxes, evening dresses, jewelry,
even fancy dress shoes. So why do we tend to feel
uncomfortable at the mention of renting a casket?

(Read the complete story:
A Grave Interest: Would You Rent A Casket?
(Joy Neighbors: 01-23-15)
Managing Your Digital Assets
(photo:  unknown)
As the digital world around us becomes a greater part
of our everyday lives, we are faced with how to
protect assets and pass on accounts after death. And
even if all the required passwords are left behind,
many heirs will find they have no clear authority to
access or manage the online accounts of the
deceased, a legal headache for those grieving a loved
one. Online user agreements can be confusing and
sometimes contradictory, and state and federal laws
can restrict Internet users’ ability to transfer their
online accounts to loved ones after their death. In...

(Read the complete story:
Managing Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan
( Eleanore / Digital Death Guide : 01-19-15)
Controversial Assisted Dying Bill Will Not be Passed Before Election
(Jack Doyle The Daily Mail: 01-16-15) (Read the story click here: Continue)
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King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dead at 90
(Gavin Stern: 01-22-15)
King Abdullah
(photo: Asian Tribune)
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has died at 90, The
Associated Press reports.

Abdullah was considered a reformer in a conservative
Islamic country. He was suffering from pneumonia and was
admitted to a hospital, CNN reports.

He ruled the Middle East's leading oil producing nation –
and an ally to the United States – since 2005.

(Read More:
Former Kentucky Governor Wendell Ford, Dies at 90
(AP / WCPO: 01-22-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks Dies at 83
(by WLWT: 01-23-15)
Ernie Banks, Young & Older
(photo: WJLA)
Hall of Fame slugger Ernie Banks, the two-time MVP
who never lost his boundless enthusiasm for baseball
despite years of playing on losing Chicago Cubs
teams, died Friday night. He was 83.

The Cubs announced Banks' death, but did not
provide a cause.

"Mr. Cub" hit 512 home runs during his 19-year
career, including five seasons with 40 or more.

(Read the complete story:
Grief & Mourning
Mourning & Grief Related Articles & Stories
How We Grieve: Everyone Is Different
(To the Editor / NY Times: 01-18-15)
Grieving at the Grave
(photo: Ken Naegele)
Readers respond to a Sunday Review essay, “Getting
Grief Right.”

“Getting Grief Right,” by Patrick O’Malley (Sunday
Review, Jan. 11), is puzzling. It purports to criticize
generalizations about grief and our treatment of people
who grieve.

He notes that grief can be a complex process and that
stage theories and the promise of closure are not

(Read the story click here:
Grieving for Your Pets
(photo:  unknown)
Given the intense bond most of us share with our animals, it’
s natural to feel devastated and overwhelmed by feelings of
grief and sadness when a pet dies. While some people may
not understand the depth of feeling you had for your pet,
you should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for
an animal friend. Pets are beloved and cherished members
of the family and when they die you feel a devastating loss.

(Read the complete story:
Grieving For Pets: Don't Feel Ashamed- Irina Jordan
(Irina Jordan: 01-18-15)
Guiding Kids Through Grief
(photo:  unknown)
When my daughter was six, we lost contact for an
extended period with some very close cousins, due to
a divorce and relocation. It was heartbreaking for all
of us, but especially for her. She missed the kids and
she didn’t understand how a mommy and daddy
could stop loving each other. She worried aloud about
whether it could happen to us, so we did what we
could to reassure her that all was well in our marriage.
A few months after this loss, my husband’s father died.

(Read the complete story:
Guiding Your Child Through Grief; Remembering, Not “Getting Over it”
(Lisa Mladinich / Patheos: 01-19-15)
NFFD – What IS the Point?
(Will Eccleston / NFFD: 01-19-15)(Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Hospice is Becoming a Chain Business
( Howard Gleckman  / Forbes: 01-14-15)
Hospice is Big Business
(The Funeral Source
Large multi-agency, multi-state hospices are fast become
the primary source of end-of-life care in the U.S.

According to a new study, chains cared for nearly half of
all hospice patients in 2011, a dramatic increase from a
decade before when small organizations (mostly
non-profits) provided three-quarters of all care. And my
own review of their financial reports suggests the biggest
chains have grown even more since 2011.

(Read the complete story click here:
A Brooklyn Cemetery's Attractions: SANCTUARIES for NESTING & RESTING
(Mary Ellen Markant: 01-15-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Buying & Selling
Coins & Antiques
Dealing with Death: Set Yourself Up for Success
(Chelsea Hanson: 01-23-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
Man Buys Home, Finds Corpse Inside
(WLWT: 11-06-14) (Read More: Continue)
Distinguishing Grief, Complicated Grief, and Depression
(Ronald W. Pies, MD, M. Katherine Shear, MD, Sidney Zisook, MD: 12-26-14)
(Read the complete story:
Joseph R. Abrams: Inventor of the Cast Iron Grave Cover
(Adventuresincemeteryhopping: 01-23-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
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