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Jan 21st

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The Funeral Source News
January 21st 20015
"The" Source for Funeral Information and News
Jan 19
Anne Kirkbride
, actress,
died at 60.

Jan 18
Tony Verna
, sports
producer, inventor of instant
replay, died at 81.

Jan 17
Don Harron
, actor, died at
Faten Hamana
, Egyptian
actress, died at 83.

Jan 16
Ray Lumpp
, former NY
Knick/olympian, died at 91.

Jan 15
Kim Fowley
/musician, died at 75.

Jan 14
Bob Boyd
, Former USC
basketball coach died at 84.
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Conference (Chicago, IL

May 1: CANA/CMS Crematory Operations
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Jun. 12-14: National Funeral Exhibition
(Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, England)

Jul. 12-15: NFDA Leadership Conference
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Oct. 18-21: NFDA International Convention
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DNA Banking

3D Urns

Rising Cremation Rates

Highly Personalized Funerals

Reality Shows, Again?
Funeral Professionals Already Hate This New
Funeral Home Reality Show
(Read More)

Florida Funeral Home Pitching Reality Show to
(Read More)

Stand Up Burials
Is this next? (Read more)
A Brooklyn Cemetery's Attractions: SANCTUARIES for NESTING
(Mary Ellen Markant: 01-15-15)
Every business has its pitfalls … traps that can
ensnare our lives and our relationships with ourselves,
our family and our friends.  Here are ten traps in the
funeral industry that can hurt the personal lives of its

Death makes us different … not necessarily unique,
just different.  This difference creates a chasm
between us and those not immersed in death.  Like
police, doctors, psychologist, etc. have chasms
created by their professions, ours creates us into
something other.

(Read the complete story click here:
Why You Should Always Go to the Funeral
(Deirdre Sullivan / Reader's Digerst: 10-14)
Controversial Assisted Dying Bill Will Not be Passed Before Election
(Jack Doyle Political Correspondent For The Daily Mail: 01-16-15)
Today's Headlines
Fine Funeral Clothes
(photo: unknown)
Attending the Visitiation
(photo: Unknown)
10 Ways the Funeral Industry Can Entrap an Undertaker’s Personal Life
(Caleb Wilde: 01-12-15)
Memorial News
News about Memorials, Wakes, Vigils, & Tributes
Stephanie Bradford, Robert McGuire: Cincinnati Police Department
honors two fallen officers
(Casey Weldon / WCPO: 01-15-15)
Graves That Save
(by Alli Magidsohn / Good: 12-21-13)
Funeral Director at Work
(photo: Ken Naegele)
Funerals in the News
(photo: Ken Naegele)
Black Mausoleum
(photo: Ken Naegele)
Police Officers in Mourning
(photo: Unknown)
A controversial proposal giving some terminally ill
patients the right to die will not become law before the
election, supporters conceded last night.

Labour peer and former lord chancellor Lord Falconer
of Thoroton accepted his Assisted Dying Bill will run out
of Parliamentary time after it was debated yesterday in
the House of Lords.

But supporters pledged to continue to fight for the Bill
after the General Election

(Read the story click here:
Sounds simple—when someone dies, get in your
car and go to calling hours or the funeral. That, I
can do. But I think a personal philosophy of going
to funerals means more than that.

“Always go to the funeral” means that I have to do
the right thing when I really, really don’t feel like it. I
have to remind myself of it when I could make
some small gesture, but I don’t really have to and I
definitely don’t want to. I’m talking about those
things that represent only inconvenience to me but...
(Read More: Continue)
Unlike traditional burial, natural burial (also referred to
as green burial) doesn’t seek to fight the effects of
decomposition, but to harmonize with them by burying
the body in a way that quickly recycles it into the
ecosystem. Grave openings are prepared without the
concrete vaults required for reinforcing standard graves,
so the only thing in between the unpreserved body and
soil is an organic fabric burial shroud or casket made
from Earth-friendly material like wicker, cardboard, or
bamboo. The graves themselves are dug by hand, and it
can take a team of workers two to three days to...
(Read the complete story: Continue)
There's more than meets the eye amid this imposing
structure at Green-Wood Cemetery!
(For the complete story click here: Continue)
CINCINNATI – The local law enforcement community is
mourning the loss of two of their fellow officers who died
shortly after announcing their retirements from the
Cincinnati Police Department.

Chief of Police Jeffrey Blackwell announced Thursday
afternoon the deaths of police specialists Stephanie
Bradford and Robert McGuire. Both officers died earlier in
the day after bouts with cancer.
Notable Tri-State Deaths in 2014- (WCPO)
We lost too many great people in the past year. Here is a group
of those who left a lasting impact on Greater Cincinnati. They
will be remembered and mourned by many in the community.
(For the complete story click here:  
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Death Salon 2015 Events & Other News
(Megan Rosenbloom / Death Salon: 01-14-15)
Death Salon Events
(photo: unknown)
In October we held our first one-day only event,
Death Salon: San Francisco. The sold-out crowd
had a great time learning from our speakers all day
(when the Blue Angels were not trying to drown
them out with their sonic booms…stop trying to
silence the death revolution, Blue Angels, you
cannot win!) The event was co-curated by the
unsinkable Annetta Black, who runs her own
amazing and far more frequent salon in San
Francisco called Odd Salon. The Bay Area
deathling community overlaps with some amazing
other curious likeminded individuals, like fans of
(Read the complete story: Continue)
Celebrity Deaths & Funeral Notoriety
Anne Kirkbride 'Coronation Street' star dies at 60  
(JILL LAWLESS / AP: 01-19-15) (Read More click here: Continue)
Article: How to Keep Your Sanity While On Call
(by Jess Fowler / ASD: 01-01-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
(For the complete story click here: Continue)
The Inventor of Instant Replay Just Died: In Praise of the Power of Hacks
(John C Abell: 01-20-15)
Grave Robbers Employ Sheikhs to Counter Jinn in Tombs  
(Rany Mostafa / Cairo Post: 01-14-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ Actually Didn’t; Books Recalled
(Ron Charles/ Washington Post: 01-16-15) Read the complete story: Continue)
Planning Ahead for Your Funeral
(photo:  unknown)
There are a number of options for individuals wanting
to take steps to ensure their wishes are respected in
the future. The simplest is to make an advance
statement (sometimes called a statement of wishes).
This is a general statement about anything that is
important to them in relation to their future care and
well-being. It can be used to express preferences for
care or to detail any values or beliefs that inform the
decisions they make. Although an advance statement
is not legally binding, it does have legal standing
because it must be taken into account when deciding
what is in the person’s ‘best interests’.
(Read the complete story: Continue)
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Peers Seek to Limit Law on Assisted Dying
(Mark Leftly / The Independent : 01-11-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Planning Ahead Provides Peace of Mind for End-of-Life Care {Have you
made your plans?}
(Usha Grieve / Community Care : 01-15-15)
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Remembering the anniversary of
the Death of Famous & Important
People. Their "Deathiversary"
New York Crematories Working OT?
(Sympathy Notes / Ed Munger: 01-12-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Other Recent Industry News
Eco-Friendly Cremation is also Pocket-Friendly
(Proshun Chakraborty  / Times of India : 01-11-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
How Americans' Refusal to Talk about Death Hurts the Elderly
(Sarah Kliff  / Vox : 01-11-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Other Recent Cemetery News
Cross Bones Graveyard to Get a Public Garden
(Londonist: 01-05-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Chances are you have never heard of Tony Verna.
But you are intimately familiar with his work.

Verna, who died Sunday at 81, invented the instant
replay. Yes, there was a time when you could not see
the same play from a dozen angles in high-def frame-
by-frame slo-mo. In fact, there was no particular
reason to even deploy multiple broadcast cameras
until instant replay — a genuine example of the media
changing the message.

(For the complete story click here:
Tony Verna
"Death for
Karen Jones
< Jan. 20th
Raising a Funeral Fund After the Death of a Loved One
(Funeral Fund : 01-15-15)
Raising Funeral Funds
(photo: The Funeral Source)
When tragedy strikes with the unexpected death of a
loved one, friends and relatives are often at a loss
regarding how to afford funeral expenses. Because the
average funeral today can cost from $7,000 to $10,000,
the grief of losing a loved one is compounded by anxiety
about covering final expenses. While some families have
resorted to taking out high-interest loans, today’s
technology offers an alternative for raising a funeral fund.

In addition to the costs of interment and memorial
services, sites such as allow families to...

(Read the complete story click here:
Paying for a Funeral
(photo:  unknown)
You died today. What happens to your digital properties? Do
you have a digital will?

What will happen to your online passwords, blog accounts,
social media networking profiles, affiliate accounts and
PayPal accounts when you crossover from the earthen to the
ethereal world?

Previously, people left paper wills but now there is a need for
leaving digital legacy as well for the worthy recipient.
(Read the complete story: Continue)
Have You Protected Your Blog with a Digital Will?
(Ali Jutt : 01-15-15)
Paying For a Funeral
(Money Advice Service : 01-15-15) (Read the complete story: Continue)
Where/How to Buy Funeral Clothes
(Amy Johnson / I Mortuary : 01-15-15) (Read the complete story click here: Continue)
Concord Man Fixes Grave Mistake for Confederate Ancestor
(Michael Knox / Independent Tribune: 01-16-15) (For the complete story click here: Continue)
Bodies of French Gunmen Lie Unburied, and, it Appears, Mostly Unwanted
(by MAÏA de la BAUME & DAN BILEFSKY/ The New York Times: 01-15-15) (Read More: Continue)
Ten Things About Human Decomposition (COAFD)
(Caleb Wilde: 01-16-15) (Read More: Continue)
Darrell Winfield, Marlboro Man - Obituary
(The Telegraph: 01-15-15) (Read More click here: Continue)
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