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Jan 11th
1843- Francis Scott Key
1979- Jack Soo
1991- Carl David Anderson
2004- Spalding Gray
2005- James Griffin

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The Funeral Source News
January 11th 20015
"The" Source for Funeral Information and News
< Jan. 10th
Jan 11
Anita Ekberg, actress, died
at 83.

Jan 10
Taylor Negron,
actor/comedian, died at 57.

Jan 9
Samuel Goldwyn Jr.,
producer, died at 88.

Jan 7
Rod Taylor, actor, died at 84.

Jan 4
Stuart Scott, ESPN sports
caster, died at 49.

Jan 3
Edward W. Brooke, U.S.
Senator, died at 95.
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Apr. 8-11: Annual Convention & Exposition
for the ICCFA

May 1: CANA/CMS Crematory Operations
Certification Conference (Providence, RI)

Oct. 18-21: NFDA International Convention
& Expo (Indianapolis, IN)
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The Evolving Emotions of Grief: an art journal activity for grievers
(By What's Your Grief)

As you know if you spend any time hanging out around here,
we are huge proponents of journaling as a means of identifying
and exploring grief emotions.  But let’s face it, sometimes you
don’t feel like writing.  Sometimes you have a child who
doesn’t want to talk  or write about their emotions.  Lucky for
you, today I am going to share a REALLY simple journal/art
activity that is a great intro to art journaling for both kids and

No idea what an art journal is?  It is exactly what it sounds like....

(Read the complete story:
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on Facebook
Historians Investigating if Indian Hill Property was Site of Slave

(Tom McKee / WCPO) Cincinnati historians believe an Indian Hill property owned by former
Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott may hold a secret buried decades ago.

(For the complete story click here:
The Year of the Selfie. - Digital Dying
(Molly Gorny / Digital Dying: 01-02-15)

2014 has been unofficially dubbed the
YEAR OF THE SELFIE. Of course, most of the news
outlets that have made this pronouncement are referring to the celebrity-selfie, such as the famous
Ellen DeGeneres Oscar photo that went hugely viral last year. But there is lots of other evidence
to confirm that 2014 was the year that the selfie moved beyond being a trend to becoming a
phenomena that is here to stay.

By one estimate, a million selfies are taken every day, and in 2014 the word
SELFIE became an
officially recognized Scrabble word. Unfortunately, 2014 also saw a disturbing increase in the
number of deaths that occurred while people were posing for selfies at dangerous locations.  So,
yes, it’s safe to say that 2014 was a selfie kind of year all around.

(For the complete story click here:
Mt. Selman Cemetery Vandalized
(Nikki Diaz / KETK: 01-02-15)

Tyler, Texas(KETK) — The cemetery houses the grave
sites for people who were around during the Republic of
Texas and the original postmaster of Mt. Selman.

Several people relevant to the establishment of Mt. Selman
and surrounding communities are buried in the Larissa

(For the complete story click here:
Celebrity Deaths
(TFS News: 01-11-15)

Taylor Negron, actor and comedian, died from cancer at 57.
Negron, (b. 1957) is known for his roles in " The Last Boy Scout",
"Easy Money", "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Stuart Little"
and numerous other character roles. He died on January 10th.
(Read More:

Samuel Goldwyn Jr., producer, died at 88.
Goldwyn, (b. 1926) is the son of Samuel Goldwyn (the "G" in
MGM) and oscar nominated producer of "Master & Commander".
He most recently produced the remake of the MGM classic "The
Secret Life of Walter Mitty". He died of congestive heart failure at
Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles on January 9th.
(Read More:

Rod Taylor, actor, died at 84.
Taylor, Australian actor starred in over 50 movies but is known for his roles in "The Birds" and
"Time Machine". He died at his Los Angeles home on January 7th.
(Read More:

Robert Stone, author, died at 77.
He known for his works "Dog Soldiers" and "A Flag at Sunrise". He died in his home in Key
West, Florida of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on January 10th.

Francesco Rosi, Italian director and screenwriter, died at 92.
He had reportedly been suffering from brochitis when he died on Jan. 10th. Rosi's body will lie in
state for mourners to pay tribute at Rome's Casa del Cinema on Mon. January, 12th.

Anita Ekberg, Swedish actress, died in Italy at 83.
Ekberg, (b. 1931) was best known for her role as Sylvia in Frederic Fellini's "La Dolce Vita"
(The Sweet Life). She was crowned Miss Sweden in the early 1950's. She of compications after
a long illness in the hospital in Rome on January 11th.
(Read More:
26 Funeral Personalization Ideas to Try in 2015
(By Rochelle Rietow of funeralOne: 01-07-15 )

It’s a new year at your funeral home, which makes it the
perfect time to set new goals that will help you wow your
families like never before.

And let’s be honest, if amping up your personalized services
isn’t one of your goals, it darn well should be. Thankfully,
we’ve got just the thing you need to get off to an amazing

Check out these 26 awesome funeral personalization ideas to try in 2015. With so many ways to
be inspired, you’re guaranteed to offer your families a life celebration they’ll never forget!

Set the stage

The Baby Boomers see funerals as a “crowning performance”, and that means you’ve got to set
the stage for them to celebrate life. Create an uplifting ambiance for your families that will help
them feel comfortable and happy and trust me,  that makes all the difference. Here are a few
ideas to get you started:

(For the complete story click here:
(photo: T.L. Hendricks)
Jan. 12th>
(photo: Ken Naegele)
(photo:  Taylor Negron /
Think Reciprocity to Meet Aspiration Needs of Baby Boomers
(Jim Gilmartin / Coming of Age: 01-06-15)

Contemporary theories of marketing are increasingly defined
in the context of collaborative relationships between a
marketer and consumers that operate on behalf of meeting
needs of the latter. But honoring this idea, especially in Baby
Boomer markets, is often problematic because a continuing
focus on sales quotas pressure marketing and sales staff to
concentrate more on making deals than on helping people
meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations. There’s a need
to move from huckster to healer.

At play here is the issue of corporate culture and the challenges involved in synchronizing the
espoused corporate values, marketing and...

(For the complete story click here:
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