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Jan 9th
1873- Emperor Napoleon III
1947- Karl Mannheim
1987- Arthur Lake
2003- Will McDonough

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January 9th 20015
"The" Source for Funeral Information and News
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Jan 4
Stuart Scott, ESPN sports
caster, died at 49.

Jan 3
Edward W. Brooke, U.S.
Senator, died at 95.

Jan 2
"Little" Jimmy Dickens,
(b. 1920) country musician
(Grand Old Opry), died from
cardiac arrest after suffering a
stroke on Christmas, at 94.

Jan 1
Mario Cuomo, former NY
Governor, died at 82.

Donna Douglas (Elly May
Clampett- Beverly Hillbillies)
died from pancreatic cancer
at 82.
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May 1: CANA/CMS Crematory Operations
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Oct. 18-21: NFDA International Convention
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Mark Twain's Grave Vandalized
(G. Jeffrey Aaron / Star Gazette : 01-02-15)

Elmira City Police and the administrator of Woodlawn Cemetery
are searching for the person who removed the bronze likeness of
Mark Twain from his gravesite in the Elmira cemetery.

Cemetery Superintendent Bryce Cuyle said someone who was
visiting Twain's gravesite over the holiday weekend left a voicemail
on the cemetery office's telephone saying the plaque was missing
from the 12-foot high granite monument that commemorates both
Twain and his son-in-law Ossip Gabrilowitsch.

Gabrilowitsch was the conductor of the Detroit Symphony
Orchestra and husband of Twain's daughter, Clara. His likeness is
also attached to the monument stone, but only Twain's profile was

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(photo: Reuters)
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Canon City Girl Brings Color to Inmates' Graves. (Would You
Consider Doing This?)

DENVER (AP) — A 10-year-old girl in Canon City has an
unusual hobby — decorating inmates' gravesites.

Jeweleen Reiter says she felt guilty when she saw forlorn markers
in a section for prisoners at Canon City's Greenwood Cemetery.

She tells KUSA-TV that even people who committed crimes deserve to be remembered. She
says their cemetery "should be a happy place."

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New OSHA Reporting Requirements for Fatalities and Severe Injuries
(NFDA) January 2, 2015

As of January 1, 2015, OSHA changed its recordkeeping and reporting requirements for fatalities
and workplace incidents in which three or more workers are hospitalized.

Under a recent revision of the OSHA recordkeeping requirement, which takes effect in January
2015, employers are required to report any fatality to OSHA within eight hours and any inpatient
hospitalization, amputation or enucleation (loss of an eye) within 24 hours. All employers will have
to adhere to these new reporting requirements for fatalities and severe injuries.

While the new rule does require a number of previously exempt industries to now maintain annual
safety and health records, funeral service is still exempt unless required to do so by an OSHA
state plan state. In addition, the exemption for any employer with 10 or fewer employees,
regardless of industry classification, has not been changed.

(For the complete story click here:
(photo:  MinProject (Archaeological
Mission Canaria-Toscana).
Being Friends with an Undertaker: 10 Things You Should Know- COAFD
(Caleb Wilde / Confessions of a Funeral Director)

One.  We’ll Disappoint You

I suppose every friend will disappoint you once in a
while; but funeral directors will probably do it more
often.  We might miss your birthday party, we might
have to leave in the middle of dinner.

Death has this way of keeping an untimely schedule.  
And as death’s minions, we’re tied to that schedule.  
Whether it be in the middle of the night, or in the middle of your wedding, when death calls, we
have to respond.

Two.  We Might Ask You to Help Us on a Death Call or on a Funeral

Every once in a while, we need some help at work.  And don’t be surprised if we end up calling
you.  Most of my friends have helped me once or twice on a death call.  One specifically
(ADAM!!!) refused to help, which is fine … even though I was willing to pay him.  If you don’t
want to go on a death call with your funeral friend, you can use Adam’s line, “No amount of
money is enough to touch a dead body.”  Fair enough

(For the complete story click here:
Visit This Neglected Medieval Cemetery for the "Outcast Dead"
(Cheryl Eddy)

London's Cross Bones Graveyard dates back to the medieval era, and is the final resting place
for some 15,000 paupers, prostitutes, and other "outcasts," including children and infants. Despite
a colorfully decorated gate, the run-down lot hasn't been accessible to the public. That's about to

There's been a recent approval of plans to install a three-year, temporary memorial garden on the

(For the complete story click here:
(photo: G. Jeffrey Aaron)
Archeologists Discover Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Dead, in
(April Holloway / Ancient Origins  : 01-03-15)

A Spanish-Italian archaeological team, in cooperation with
the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, has made an
incredible discovery in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd
el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes, Egypt – an
enormous ancient reproduction of the mythical Tomb of
Osiris as described by Egyptian legend, complete with
multiple shafts and chambers. Inside the tomb complex,
researchers found a carving of Osiris and a room with a
wall relief depicting a demon holding knives.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, the tomb embodies all the features of the tomb of
Osiris, as told in ancient Egyptian legends, and is a smaller version of the design of the Osireion,
built under Egyptian pharaoh Seti I  in the city of Abydos, Luxor.  Researchers believe the tomb
complex dates back to the 25th dynasty (760 - 656 BC) or 26th dynasty (672 - 525 BC),
based on a comparison to similar tombs that contain Osirian elements.

(Read the complete story:
14 Celebrity Burial Sites You Should Visit
Article originally appeared on

We love to follow the lives of celebrities as they spend their years,
constantly under the spotlight. We will take any opportunity to
scrutinize, praise and mock them for every decision they make,
including the burial which they receive once they have passed away.
As such, it’s no surprise that people spend lots of effort and money
practicing the art of Grave Hunting.

But what is Grave Hunting exactly? It is the desire to travel the world
to visit the resting places of people that you care about. While
celebrities often live hectic lives, many stars have been buried and
memorialized in such a way that their legacy and personality lives on. Either way, if Grave Hunting
sounds like something that you would be interested in doing, we at Qeepr would recommend first
trying these fascinating celebrities graves.

(For the complete story click here:
Local Funeral Home Will Preserve Deceased's DNA, for a Fee {Interested?}
(By JD Malone / Columbus Dispatch: 01-09-15 )

Decisions when a loved one died were once limited to steel or pine, and plot or crypt.

Now, you can get images of thumbprints, spread ashes in a favorite spot, have a “green” burial or
keep an urn on the mantel. The latest funeral service offers to preserve not memories or images,
but the very essence of a person — deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA.

For $295, Schoedinger funeral homes in central Ohio will swab inside the deceased’s cheek and
send the collected material to DNA Memorial, in Canada, for processing. The company
separates and purifies the DNA in the sample, seals it in a glass vial that is stable at room
temperature and ships it back to the family.

(For the complete story click here:
(photo: Jim Morrison)
Jan. 10th>