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Funeral Industry 2014 in the Rear View Mirror; 2015 in the Windshield
(Funeral Commander)

There are all sorts of “Auld Lang Syne” and “Resolutions for 2015″ posts going around, so as my
first Funeral Commander post of the year, I thought I would recap some of the top 2014 funeral
industry stories and offer predictions for 2015.  Fortunately I have many contacts with funeral
industry publication and news providers so I contacted them for their opinions on the top stories.  
Interestingly, we were all pretty much in agreement.  Sadly, I read Connecting Directors Top 20
Most Read Funeral Articles and did a little “social media research.”  The gulf between relevant
news vs. “bubble gum for the brain” stuff relating to funeral content which many find important is
truly a pitiful testament to the profession.   

(For the complete story click here:
Jan 8th
1642- Galileo Galilei
1991- Steve Clark
1994- Pat Buttram
2002- Dave Thomas
2007- Yvonne De Carlo

(For the complete Deathiversary: Continue)
The Funeral Source News
January 8th 20015
"The" Source for Funeral Information and News
< Jan. 7th
Jan 4
Stuart Scott, ESPN sports
caster, died at 49.

Jan 3
Edward W. Brooke, U.S.
Senator, died at 95.

Jan 2
"Little" Jimmy Dickens,
(b. 1920) country musician
(Grand Old Opry), died from
cardiac arrest after suffering a
stroke on Christmas, at 94.

Jan 1
Mario Cuomo, former NY
Governor, died at 82.

Donna Douglas (Elly May
Clampett- Beverly Hillbillies)
died from pancreatic cancer
at 82.
Penguin Cemetery Event Celebrates Life with Music

ON A misty, warm evening on a hill overlooking the ocean,
intrigued humans wandered silently around ancient tombstones
at Penguin General Cemetery.

Only the peaceful sound of acoustic instruments could be heard
from the Penguin cemetery last night, as more than 120 people
gathered for a tribute to life and death.

Music Among the Tombstones showcased Penguin's heritage like no other, inviting the community
come together and listen to live bagpipes, violin, flute, guitar and vocals surrounded by grave sites.

(For the complete story click here:
Pinterest "Board of the Day"
Apr. 8-11: Annual Convention & Exposition
for the ICCFA

May 1: CANA/CMS Crematory Operations
Certification Conference (Providence, RI)

Oct. 18-21: NFDA International Convention
& Expo (Indianapolis, IN)
Have you visited our "Gravely
board on Pinterest? If no,
why not? There are over 1,200
photos of the graves of the famous.
There is so much to see, check it

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* DNA Banking
* 3D Urns
* Rising Cremation Rates
*Highly Personlized Funerals
French President Francois Hollande Declares National Day Of Mourning
After Charlie Hebdo Shooting
(Thomas Barrabi : 01-07-15)

French President François Hollande declared Thursday a
national day of mourning for the 12 individuals killed
Wednesday when three hooded gunmen opened fire outside
satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo's headquarters in Paris.
French flags will fly at half-staff for the next three days in
honor of the victims, he said.

"This was an attack on freedom. We must be ourselves, and we must realize our best weapon is
our unity. Nothing must separate us or drive us apart," Hollande said in a national address
Wednesday, according to Euronews. "France is a great nation when under pressure. We are
stronger than our enemies when we are together."

(Read the complete story:
(photo: Reuters)
Bernard Jordan Who Absconded from Care Home for D-Day
Commemorations dies at 90

A war veteran who absconded from his care home to attend the 70th anniversary D-Day
commemorations in France has died aged 90.

Bernard Jordan - dubbed the Great Escaper after his cross-Channel adventure last year - died
peacefully in hospital.

His death was announced in a statement by Gracewell Healthcare, which runs The Pines care
home in Hove, East Sussex, where Mr Jordan, known as Bernie, lived.

Mr Jordan hit headlines globally when he disappeared from the care home to embark on a trip to
the D-Day anniversary events in Normandy wearing his war medals under his grey mac.

(Read the complete story:
The East-Sider fell in the Battle of the Bulge. His daughter Now Knows his
Nearly 70 years ago, Gordon Russ died fighting for his country and was buried in a foreign land...

(Read the complete story:
Gentleness in Life and Death - Green Burial
(Caroline Vuyadinov)

When I sat down and thought what kind of change I wanted to see in my life this year, I kept
going back to the thought of gentleness.  I think I need gentleness and I think the world could do
with more of it as well. I thought I might take a daring step in the direction of being gentle with
myself and not get caught up with a whole lot of why something did not go the way I had hoped
or wanted, but to pick myself up, acknowledge what did not work and why and start again.  I will
not engage in overwhelming self-blame and judgment.  I will move forward and try once more.
Then I thought that if I was going to try to be gentle with myself, I thought I might as well be
gentle with those around me. I do not know everything going on in everyone’s life, but if it’s like
mine, I know they could do with more gentleness too.  

(For the complete story click here:
Mario Cuomo Called 'Speaker for our Better Angels' (at his Funeral this
(Joseph Spector, Gannett Albany Bureau)

NEW YORK — Friends and family gathered Tuesday at
the funeral of Mario Cuomo, a three-term New York
governor and a leading voice of the Democratic Party for
more than three decades.

Cuomo, governor from 1983 through 1994, died
Thursday at age 82. He was known for his soaring
oratory and career as a key liberal figure through the
1970s and 1990s.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered a stirring and emotional 40-minute eulogy for his father, recalling
how he always stuck to his closely held beliefs regardless of the political fallout.

(Read the complete story:
(photo: Robert Deautsch USA Today)
Jan. 9th>
How to Avoid Being an Exploding Corpse After You Die
VICE | United States
(Simon Davis: 08-14-14)

Your average graveyard or mausoleum worker would,
under normal circumstances, expect to find everything back
in it's place between shifts. In fact, I have a hunch that people
who work at cemeteries aren't very fond of surprises,
especially when they involve exploding corpses.

And yet, every now and then there are news reports of just
this happening. There is no data on how frequently this
occurs, but it affects the subset of bodies that are placed in caskets above ground in mausoleums.

Is this a feature or a bug? Is there a way to stop it from happening? Are there other funeral
practices we need to watch out for? In order to find out I spoke with Josh Slocum, executive
director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance, a nonprofit watchdog organization that bills itself as
the equivalent of Consumer Reports for funeral services.

Tell us why corpses are exploding.
Take leftovers in your refrigerator. Everybody knows what happens when you put a piece of
meat in Tupperware and you let it sit for a long time. Takes a little longer in the fridge because it's
cold, but if you leave it to sit out, I'm sure many of us can remember some time when we pop
open this Tupperware and cringe when this nasty smell comes out...

(For the complete story click here:
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