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Death and Dying: Personal Goals at End of Life
An alarming -- but not altogether surprising -- recent study shows that far too often, patients in
intensive care receive what their own doctors judged to be "futile care." Published in JAMA
Internal Medicine, the study of five intensive care units across a Los Angeles health care system
found that nearly 20 percent of patients, one in five receive "futile" or "probably futile" treatment.
In the study, doctors said they frequently provided care that did not meet patients' goals.
"Treatment that cannot achieve a patient's goals or that simply maintains a state such as ICU
dependence or permanent coma is contrary to professional values, inappropriately uses health
care resources, and creates moral distress," concluded the study.
(For the complete story:
Cremation Urn Company Making "Additive Manufacturing" a Reality
First Cremation Urn Producer to offer "Additive Manufacturing" or Production 3D printing to
help bring back jobs to America.

A project and process that we are now all in with and look forward in the New Year of offering
innovated products both for our BtoC sites and to offer more highly customizable, exclusive
products to our BtoB customers. In The Light Urns has developed the process, in most cases, to
reduce the price point to make it feasible and efficient to 3D Print, in mass, just about anything
where an object can be realized in just about any size.        
(For the complete story click here:
Jan 5th
1933- Calvin Coolidge
1939- Amelia Earhart
1943- George Washington Carver
1994- "Tip" O'Neill
1998- Sonny Bono

(For the complete Deathiversary: Continue)
The Funeral Source News
January 5th 20015
"The" Source for Funeral Information and News
< Jan. 4th
Seven Cemeteries Stranded in Parking Lots
For most people parking lots are no slice of heaven and can sometimes seem worse than any
circle of hell, but for others these concrete sprawls are where they spend their eternities. While
most cemeteries are constructed as a sacred space separating the worlds of the living and the
dead, these two worlds collide when a final resting place is in the path of progress. With much of
their surroundings of statues and greenery replaced by hood ornaments and hubcaps, these
stranded grave sites stand as a stark reminder of a nearly forgotten and paved-over past.
(For the complete story click here:
Jan 2
"Little" Jimmy Dickens,
(b. 1920) country musician
(Grand Old Opry), died from
cardiac arrest after suffering a
stroke on Christmas, at 94.
(For the complete story:

Dickens Funeral Announced
(For the complete story:

Jan 1
Donna Douglas (Elly May
Clampett- Beverly Hillbillies)
died from pancreatic cancer
at 82. Family plans for a private
funeral. (For the complete

Dec 31
Edward Herrmann, (b. 1943)
actor, died at 71 from brain
Two Women Sunbathe in Cemetery atop Gravestone, Sparking
Two women have sparked a flurry of outrage in Australia, after they were spotted sunbathing
atop a gravestone in a cemetery located just meters away from Glenmaggie lake.

The incident began when the two women, who are believed to be in their 40s, were
photographed laying atop a couple’s grave in Glenmaggie Cemetery clad only in bikinis,
according to the Daily Mail. Located in Eastern Victoria, the cemetery sits next to a caravan
park, where Seven News reports that the sunbathers were staying. The pair refused to comment
when approached by a reporter for the news outlet.
(For the complete story click here:
Pinterest "Board of the Day"
Apr. 8-11 2015 Annual Convention &
Exposition for the ICCFA
Have you visited our "Gravely
board on Pinterest? If no,
why not? There are over 1,200
photos of the graves of the famous.
There is so much to see, check it

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Under gray skies and a light rain, New York City offered a final salute to Wenjian Liu, the NYPD
officer who was murdered with fellow Officer Rafael Ramos as they sat in their squad car on a
Brooklyn street.

Liu, 32, was on the force seven years when he was murdered on December 20, just two months
after he was married. Liu’s wife, parents and other family members were joined by thousands of
NYPD officers at Aievoli Funeral Home in Dyker Heights for the funeral service.

Msgr. Robert J. Romano, an NYPD chaplain, opened the service with a Buddhist saying: "When
you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices. When you die, you rejoice, and the world cries."

(For the complete story:
Celebrity Deaths, Governors, Commentators and Politicians

Stuart Scott
, ESPN sports caster, died at 49. Scott (b. 1965) was
famous for his delivery of the sports news and his great adjectives like
“Cooler than the other side of the pillow”. He died of cancer on Jan, 4th.

Edward W. Brooke, U.S. Senator, died at 95. Brooke (b. 1919),
a Republican who became the first black in U.S. history to win popular
election to the Senate. He died of natural causes at his Coral Gables, Florida.
on Jan. 3rd.

Mario Cuomo, former NY Governor, died at 82. Cuomo (b. 1932), served as New York
governor for three terms from 1983 through 1994, died in his Manhattan home of natural causes  
on Jan. 1.

Dick Dale, singer (Lawrence Welk Show), died at 88. Dale (b. 1926), known for his many
appearances on the Lawrence Welk Show,died in Algona, Iowa on Dec. 26th.

Luis Rainer, actress, died at 104. Rainer (b. 1910), was the first person to win back to back
best actress Oscars, for the 1936's "The Great Ziegfeld" and "The Good Earth" in 1937. She died
of pnuemonia in here London home on Dec. 30th.

Also see "Celebrity Deaths & Funerals" below for more.
Jan. 6th >